10 list of real estate companies in Switzerland

I think it’s time to start investing in Swiss real estate. The country is a great place to buy property, but it can be hard to figure out which company to invest with. So I’ve put together a list of 10 real estate companies based in Switzerland that should be on your radar when you’re considering where to invest.

Henry lee & Company

Henry Lee & Company is a real estate company based in Zurich, Switzerland. Founded in the year 2002 by Henry Lee, the company has been serving clients with quality real estate services. They offer property management services and also handle property sales and purchases between buyers and sellers. The company is located at Seestrasse 33, 8038 Zurich-Oerlikon Switzerland. For more details about their service offerings and contact details visit their website: [URL]. You can get in touch with them via phone or email at [phone] or [email].


Swisscom is the largest telecommunications provider in Switzerland and is the leading provider of mobile, fixed network, and data transmission services.

Swisscom has been operating as a public limited company since 1997.

Bettina Roser real estate

Bettina Roser real estate is a real estate company that was founded in 1989 by Bettina Roser. The company is located in Zurich, Switzerland, and is a member of the Bettina Roser Group.

Bettina Roser real estate specializes in residential and commercial properties as well as office space leasing. They also offer assistance with buying a home or business property, selling your home or business property, financial services such as mortgages or rent payments, and advice on tax matters (VAT).

Graubuendner Kantonalbank

Graubuendner Kantonalbank (GKB) is a Swiss cantonal bank. The bank was founded in 1872 and headquartered in Chur. The company has around 890 employees and assets worth over $4 billion as of 2017.

The bank’s market share stands at 1.5%.

Zermatt Group Real Estate

Zermatt Group Real Estate is a well-established real estate company in Switzerland. The company provides services to both local and international clients, with a focus on the Alps region.

Zermatt Group Real Estate is based in Zermatt, which is located in Valais—the same canton as Mont Blanc and Matterhorn Mountain. It was founded as part of Zermatt Holding AG (ZHAG), a publicly listed company on the Swiss Stock Exchange.

Anova private real estate fund management AG

Anova private real estate fund management AG is a Swiss company that is engaged in the provision of real estate services. ANOVA is a member of the Swiss Fund Industry Association (SFI).

Anova has been active since 2003 and offers its clients a wide range of services, including asset management services and construction financing. The company’s main focus lies on investing in commercial properties. In addition to its headquarters in Zurich, Anova has branch offices in Geneva and Luxembourg City.

Swiss Hotel Property Fund SA

Swiss Hotel Property Fund SA, based in Switzerland and Liechtenstein, is a real estate investment fund that offers investors the opportunity to invest in a portfolio of Swiss hotels and other related properties. The company manages its property portfolio through an in-house team of experts who have years of experience in the hospitality industry. Swiss Hotel Property Fund SA also provides investors with risk management services to help ensure their investment is safe and secure.

Swiss Prime Site AG

Swiss Prime Site AG is a Swiss company that was founded in 2015. The company’s headquarters are located in Zurich, Switzerland; the CEO and CFO are Michael Hufschmid and Christian Schmid respectively. This real estate firm specializes in creating estate development projects such as apartment buildings and commercial properties throughout Switzerland.

Credit Suisse Group AG

Credit Suisse Group AG is a Swiss multinational investment bank and financial services company, incorporated in the Canton of Zurich, and headquartered in Zurich. It operates as a holding company for Credit Suisse Group AG’s subsidiaries worldwide. The Group provides banking services through its Global Private Banking (the richest private banking division) and Retail & Commercial Distribution divisions. In addition, it offers products such as asset management solutions to institutional clients through its Asset Management division and other services such as insurance brokerage or real estate agency through its Asset Management Solutions division.[4]

The company is present in all major financial centers worldwide with about 48,000 employees (as of year-end 2018).

Assura S.A.

Assura is a real estate investment company that operates in Switzerland. It is based in Zurich and was founded by its current CEO, Christoph von Arx, in 2001. It has a portfolio of over $6 billion worth of buildings and land located throughout Switzerland. The company’s goal is to create value for shareholders through strategic acquisitions and sales as well as maximizing profits from its current properties.

List of real estate companies in Switzerland

Riemenschneider Immobilien AG, Zürich (www.riemenschneider-immobilien.com)

Eigentümervermittlungen Basel Consulting & Management GmbH, Basel (www.eigentuemervermittlungen-basel.ch)

Goldinger + Partner Immobilien AG, Bern (www.goldingerpartnerimmobilienagbern.ch)

Immobilienservice Gottfried Keller AG, Genf (wwwgottfriedkelleragengz)


Here are some real estate companies in Switzerland.

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