10 Reasons Why Kalonji or Black Cumin Seeds is a Natural Health Booster

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Kalonji has been known to find its uses from traditional cuisines and herbal treatments, to modern medicines and cosmetics. Kalonji has been found to improve several functions of the body primarily related to the heart, liver, and lungs.

There are many kalonji benefits and in the account of the recent events, Kalonji has been proven to be one of the most effective preventions and treatment options against the corona epidemic. Kalonji or more commonly known as Black Cumin Seeds contains several properties that assist the immune system’s fight against disease-causing bacteria and viruses. The use of Black Cumin dates back to the ancient Egyptian era where it was commonly used as a natural remedy for different illnesses of the time. It also became quite popular during the Islamic era where it was recommended by the Prophet Muhammad PBUH as a universal treatment for many diseases.

In his own words, the Prophet Muhammad said, “Shooneez (black cumin) is a cure for all ailments except death”

Since the wake of coronavirus, kalonji has become the headline of every health and medicine platform due to its unique properties and historic use in fighting cold flu. However, by inheriting this sudden hype many of its other major health benefits has become overshadowed. In this article, we will share the benefits kalonji offers to the body in improving and restoring optimal functions.

1. Effective Against Cardiac Diseases

Being one of the central organs in the body, and the second in command after the brain, it is imperative to keep your heart in its best condition. Kalonji offers innumerable health benefits to the heart, making its inner tissue stronger, controlling cholesterol levels, and reducing the risk of heart diseases. For best results mix kalonji oil in milk and drink daily.

2. Keeps Blood Sugar Under Control

Kalonji has been used as a natural remedy for diabetes for several centuries. With diabetes increases at an unprecedented rate, consuming a dose of kalonji in the daily diet can help both regulating blood sugar, and reducing the risk of getting diabetes. It is generally consumed as oil extract added in black tea. 

3. Fights Dental Diseases

Being one of the hardest bones of the body, teeth are also the most vulnerable ones. Diseases and conditions such as a cavity, gingivitis, swelling of gums, and periodontitis are common ailments in the general populace. Kalonji not only helps in the prevention of dental diseases but also helps in strengthening teeth and providing relief in case of toothaches.

4. Organic Painkiller

Aside from its health-boosting benefits, kalonji is also a very effective main management solution for patients. It is an organic pain killer than helps in relieving organ, joint, and muscular pain. It has also been found effective in treating headaches both by consuming orally and applying it directly to the skin.

5. Natural Treatment for Hypertension

Kalonji has been proven to control symptoms related to hypertension. Unlike other medicines, it has no side-effects and naturally lowers down the cholesterol levels and promotes healthy cholesterol in users. This boosts the overall health of the body while keeping the blood pressure in control.

6. Memory Booster

One of the most known benefits of kalonji is it enhances memory. When used with honey, black cumin has shown to alleviate the user’s intellectual capacity and boost the memorizing ability of the brain. It is highly recommended for the elderly since the weakening of memory with age is a general problem.

7. Weight Loss Treatment

Being obese not only affects your fashion choices but also leads to several health complications. Research has shown that consuming kalonji not helps control hunger urges, but acts as a fat burner by loosening unnecessary fat in the body. The best way to use it is by adding roasted kalonji seeds in warm water and drinking it daily.

8. Promotes Healthy Skin

Apart from the immune system, consuming kalonji brings many positive effects on your skin as it helps in:-

  • the skin’s fight against acne
  • healing scarred skin tissue
  • has an anti-inflammatory effect on pimples
  • helps in reducing blemishes

it can be used both orally or applied topically to the skin.

9. For Constipation

Constipation is a common issue among men and women these days. This is associated with the widespread consumption of junk food and other forms of unhealthy diet which weakens the digestive system. Kalonji has some of the most effective properties in fighting gastrointestinal diseases and promoting a healthy digestive system. You can use it in the form of a hot beverage by adding kalonji oil in black tea.

10. Treatment for Heel Fissures

Cracked heels are a common issue during the winter season. It is usually found in people who have dry skin which makes their heels look awkward and embarrassing in public. Fortunately, kalonji is the ideal cure for it. You can add one teaspoon of kalonji oil and lemon juice in a bucket of warm water and soak your feet in it for optimum results.

Final Word

While kalonji is mostly used as a condiment in many middle eastern, and south-east Asian dishes, consuming it in as a health booster and remedy for ailments is still new. We hope this article will serve as a stimulus for spreading awareness and most above all, helping fight the corona epidemic. Visit Tib e Nabvi for more informative articles and home remedies.

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