10 Tips To Make Your Explainer Video Stand Out

An explanatory video, or a sales or presentation video, is the main weapon of the internet marketer. Big powerful cannon, like Schwarzenegger in the movie “Commando”. Something that breaks through the armor of distrust in an advertisement, a product, a company.

Explainer Video

That’s why top explainer video companies love them so much – they allow you to tell just about the complex, do not take a lot of time from the viewer, and instead of screaming slogans, they use competent storytelling, drama and “hooks” from big cinema.

1. Truth comes first

We must constantly pursue a sense of honesty and sincerity in our communications. What the advertising industry professionals do is tell the true story behind a product or brand. The viewer perfectly feels any falsity. Speak the truth and make it interesting!

2. Advertising is 80% idea and 80% implementation

An idea is not an idea until it has been realized. All the magic happens in bringing an idea to life, and until then, the idea is just theory. You can write whatever you want, but without dialogue and collaboration with the people who will bring your script to life, your creativity has no value. It is impossible to write a speaker’s text without the consent of the announcer or sound engineer, and the video sequence – without discussion with the art director or producer. Find your best team of professionals on Explain.ninja.

3. Brevity is still the sister of talent

The shorter the better. You have 5 seconds to grab the viewer’s attention and about 90-120 seconds to explain how it works and get your message across. According to statistics, after two minutes of watching a video, the concentration of the viewer drops sharply.

4. Three-act structure

What? How? Why? Whoever tells the best stories rules the world. As in any work of fiction, the script for an audiovisual creation, that is, an explanatory video, is based on a three-act structure tied to three “golden” questions.

What? What customer “pain” does your product solve?

How? While the viewer’s attention is still focused, we explain to him how our product helps to solve the problem. Why? We conclude the video with an explanation of why the viewer should choose your product, and not a similar solution from competitors.

5. The simpler the better

Before sitting down to the script, formulate one key message that will form the basis of the video and the target action that the viewer should perform after watching.

Remember, the worst outcome is that the viewer gets bored and interrupts the viewing. Therefore, one video is one message. Even if you have a multifunctional product with a bunch of advantages, choose the one that is most important for the target audience.

6. Focus on the customer, not the product

When you explain the essence of the product, explain the solution to the CLIENT’s problem, not your problem. Make sure you are solving HIS problem. And in order to do this, you need to know and understand your viewer.

It is very important to use CUSTOMER LANGUAGE when you are selling a product, not your language. Find a way to convince the viewer that you understand their need. This is the most important thing you can do. Once you’ve convinced him that you understand, he is much more likely to listen to your decision

7. Show, don’t tell

The brain is designed so that it perceives visual information faster than audio. 60,000 times faster, according to research. When creating a script for a video, constantly remember that you do not need to describe in words what can be shown on the screen.

8. What “buttons” will we press

Explainer videos don’t annoy the viewer because they don’t offer to buy something. Instead of flashy slogans, it offers a solution to an urgent problem or task.

9. Problem – solution

Proven schematic for an animation explainer. Come up with a character or a situation in which the viewer easily recognizes himself and his “pain”. Show how your product helps the hero overcome circumstances and emerge victorious.

10. Be cooler

Here we are not offering a solution to the problem, but the opportunity to acquire status – perhaps the only case where the argument “this is cool” works. To become more popular, richer, more status (choose any of the seven deadly sins of a person). For such videos, the plot and characters are not required. It is more important to ignite the viewer’s curiosity and set the right mood.

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