10 Tips to throw a Yacht Birthday Party

A yacht rental is a great option for a birthday party. The blend of extravagant luxury and a unique setting makes for a memorable party experience! The team offers half or full-day charters on a fleet of luxury yacht rentals in global hotspots like party-hardy Miami.

Yacht rental’s birthday parties range from stylish to wild, and the tone of the party is exclusively up to you. For instance, if you’re celebrating a 20-something’s big day, then birthday cake, champagne, great music, and water toys will be central to the party.

Yacht Birthday

We give you some options of yacht rental for you to choose from, like the Sunseeker 90 for a bigger group. For a medium-sized crowd, the spacious Azimut 43 Fly Motor Yacht is highly recommended by everyone. And what can beat the opulent Ferretti 92 Motor Yacht if you’re truly looking to amaze your guests with your yacht rental?

Some of the best tips for throwing a birthday party on yacht rental are:

1. Limit the number of Guests

Depending on the size of your yacht rental, you may have to be a little pickier when choosing the guests. The yacht’s capacity may limit how many people you’re able to call. You have to make the best choice for the party.

2. Yacht rental size matters

One of the most significant fundamentals of throwing an incredible yacht party is picking the exact yacht rental. Furthermore, you need to be certain about your yacht rental and party expenditures that they will fit in your pocket.

3. Advance Planning

No matter what your thought of a fine time is for a yacht party, you have to plan the whole thing.

If the yacht rentals are going to be docked the entire time, it can be tricky to make last-minute changes for items like a drink, food, decor, or entertainment. The opportunity for a yacht rental doesn’t come around often.

4. Time and Location

A yacht party starts in the late afternoon and goes well into the nighttime. If the party is happening outdoors, you oblige to make convinced that a party is planned during perfect weather conditions.

While you can’t forecast rain or thunderstorms, you perhaps shouldn’t throw a yacht party in the center of winter as it is very much cold to enjoy. Secondly, think about where you’re going to have your yacht rental.

5. Choose a suitable Theme

This theme is perfect for those who want to escape the winter chill. Decorate the yacht with inflatable palm trees, tropical flowers, and bright colors. Floatie Kings custom-made inflatables are perfect to decorate any theme as they come in various shapes and sizes and can even be designed by you to match your preferences. They can be customized with any number of tropical prints and patterns making them a versatile option for decorating any themed party.

If you’re looking to keep the theme classy, you should go for casino Royale/Poker, martini, etc.

But if you’re thinking about keeping things for fun you should consider pirate, disco, safari, the 80s (or any period). You may just ask guests to show up, dance, have a few drinks, and enjoy the ambiance.

6. Don’t Skip Drinks

Adult boat party contains plenty of alcoholic beverage options. People adore drinking publicly, especially at parties like a birthday. Luckily, many yacht rental companies also have liquor licenses to provide drinks at your party.

7. Book the Catering

Any party can’t be good without having tasty food. So, to enjoy the most amazing experience of the party on a yacht, you should have different varieties of delicious food from the caters. They will serve you based on your requirements and let you cherish the whole moment.

8. Consider Entertainment

Speaking of guests enjoying themselves, what entertainment are you going to offer at your party at yacht rental?

Will you have live music, games, or what depends on you? The amusement you offer may also rely greatly on the purpose and theme of your party.

9. Discover the correct Playlist

If you’re not going to appoint a live music band to offer music for your guests, you’ll want to make sure you locate the exact playlist for the occasion. Your yacht rental party desires music, even if it’s just in the background. You can use the theme of your party to dictate the music, just don’t exceed it.

10. Instruct Yourself about Yacht Safety

Lastly, to avoid any sort of issues on the yacht because of your party, one should take care of the proper rules and guidelines as stated by the company. Everyone should follow it, and avoid over-drinking of alcohol, or any other substance that can make you unconscious.


When you go for a yacht rental for a special occasion, always keep in mind some main points, like the size of the guest list, because that will help you to decide the size of the yacht you have to rent.
Memorize the above points thoroughly before renting a yacht. Your special days come very often and also the time to celebrate them so lavishly. Remember to cross-check everything two times so that nothing is left behind to regret afterward.

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