11 Ways to Strengthen your Immune System

Immune: The immune system of the body is its reliable protector against various harmful environmental factors: bacteria, viruses, allergic agents. When the immunity is in good condition, a person rarely gets sick and quickly recovers if the disease does happen. If the immune system has weakened, the negative consequences will not take long. Therefore, if you want to be healthy, to lead a rich, fulfilling life – increase immunity! It’s vital to follow these 11 great tips like these will be a real deal for a strengthened immune system:

Bad habits and the immune system

Remember that bad habits are the worst enemy of immunity. Try to completely stop smoking and drinking alcohol. Tobacco contains poisons and toxins that destroy the body. In no case do not use narcotic substances, as they reduce the level of antibodies in the blood that resist viruses.

Sports and immunity

Doctors have proven that exercise strengthens the body. Go in for physical education, sports. But reasonably dose the load, otherwise, instead of benefit, you can harm the body. Try to play sports in the fresh air, as occupations in a stuffy room can cause oxygen deficiency, and this, in turn, is harmful to the heart.

Yoga and immunity

Scientists and medical experts have shown that a consistent yoga practice can Strengthen your Immune System.  There are specific skills you will need to train in yoga to reduce your chances of getting sick from viruses, bacteria, and other disease-causing pathogens. In addition, your body will have a stronger ability to fight disease without taking powerful pharmaceutical drugs. Sattvic Yoga pranayama (holding the breath) reduces the muscular tension in your lungs which allows the foreign particles in your respiratory system to escape faster.

Mysore Yoga pranayama (pranayama) reduces the muscular tension in your digestive system which helps the foreign particles to get passed more quickly through the digestive system. There are some simple beginner yoga asanas you can practice for a strengthened immune system. 

Practice these postures with proper flexibility and care. Always start with the best stretches that you can to find the best warm-up to your primary exercises. Keep to 5 to 10 minutes per session at first. You can easily add additional sessions by holding or 2.5 minutes of home practice. If you decide to add more than five sessions a week, then start slowly.

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Increased immunity through walking

As often as possible, be in the fresh air. Work in the country, a picnic in the country, a walk in the park – this is not only good for health but also brings positive emotions, well calms the nervous system. And this, in turn, helps strengthen immunity.

The psychological state of a person

If you want your immunity to be high, try to avoid stress and unpleasant situations whenever possible. Avoid discussing negative topics (catastrophes, terrorist acts, incurable diseases, etc.). Think less about the bad, enjoy life.

Healthy lifestyle

Observe the regime of the day, make sure that you have a sufficiently long sleep (at least 8 hours a day), and the sleeping room is well ventilated. During the day, if you feel tired, take a break. Do not overload the body.

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Vitamins and the immune system

Healthy eating is the foundation of good immunity. In order for the immune system to be in order, it is necessary to provide the body with all thenecessary substances: proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, and trace elements. A lack of one substance can dramatically lower immunity. If you are looking for a way to boost your immune system, you can either try some vitamin supplements or for better and quick results IV therapy. By infusing vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients directly into the bloodstream, IV therapy helps to ensure that the body has everything it needs to function properly. Mobile IV therapy in Oklahoma state may be a good solution to improve your immunity and overall well-being

Immunity Boosting Products

Be sure to include fresh vegetables and fruits in your diet. They are not only tasty but also rich in a number of useful substances that have the
ability to neutralize the effect of free radicals. Eat nuts. Maintain the intestinal microflora. To do this, use dairy products, especially natural yogurt.

Immunity Reducing Products

the proportion of “heavy” fatty foods in your diet — pork,
lard, home-made sausages, and smoked meats. Similarly,
reduce your intake of sugary foods that are high in sugar.

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The selection of healthy products

Want to restore immunity? Try to buy products only from reliable, trusted manufacturers. It is no secret that many types of meat on the market contain antibiotics, and many vegetables and fruits contain pesticides and herbicides.

Medically enhanced immunity

To increase immunity, take immunostimulants. The main defender of the body is vitamin C. But do not abuse it (the daily dose should not exceed 1.5 g). Also, your body needs amino acids, such as arginine. In any case, a drug aimed at increasing the body should be taken only after consulting a specialist.

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