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123TV: Offers free live feeds and links to the world’s major sporting events.

Most of these live streams are owned by FOX Sports, ESPN, HBO or NBC Live Stream in the USA; to enjoy the greatest watching experience, read our premium Sports streaming site list and follow the links to the official live streams available, rather than relying on the 123TV live streaming service.

Is 123TV Live Streaming Legal?

Do you want to watch live football with 123TV.com Live Streams? Trying to locate 123TV live stream connections to the biggest Premier League football matches with major clubs like as Manchester United, Liverpool, Manchester City, Real Madrid, PSG, Spurs, Arsenal, Chelsea, Celtic, or Barcelona? Did you know that access to these streams is banned in the United States Of America?

What Is 123TV?

123TV is a free streaming service that runs illegally in the United States – Pay-per-view. TV broadcasters like NBC pay exorbitant fees for the live broadcast rights to telecast Live Football, such as the EPL Premier League. 123TV has previously utilized the domain names 1-2-3.TV, 123TV.fr, and now it’s live94today.com to avoid being shut down by broadcasters and copyright holders.

Users of 123TV or other free streaming services should be advised that accessing these live broadcasts is unlawful, and they may face prosecution if caught downloading and watching copyrighted content.

What are the best alternatives to 123TV?

We usually recommend watching live sport in the US with a BT sport subscription, Sky Sports subscription, NBC Sports Schedule or Fubotv packages which allows US customers to Stream Live TV & Sports (such as Sky Sports channels including Premier League, Football, Action, Arena, F1, Golf, Sky Sports Cricket and Sky Sports Box Office).

Illegal Free Football Streaming Websites Like 123TV Live

Despite the numbers of legal premium Sports broadband Football coverage, there are still a huge collection of illegal platforms that allows users to watch live matches today. Find below, a list of illegal 123TV alternatives or perhaps best football streaming sites that you may want to try for live football streaming UK.

The Best 123TV Alternatives


Stopstream, one of the most popular live streaming sports websites, offers live sports, podcasts and match-winning predictions. All the most famous sporting events can be accessed and viewed from around the globe.

Stopstream.tv offers high-quality, free content. You can also talk about past and upcoming games or post your opinions on live podcasts. You can view all past matches highlights and goals free of charge in the video archive section. The website’s quality and content are outstanding and it is worth considering as one of the top 123TV alternatives.


StrikeOut also offers live streaming of sports events and sports on demand. Their services are available from the past few years.

Strikeout.com was their first domain. Later, Strikeout.nu was used. It is easy to find what you are looking for with the simple website design.

The homepage will display a list with all the sports. Click on the sport that you wish to view. You do not need to create an account to view live streaming of your favorite games. It is an excellent source for live sports streaming if you are looking for 123TV.com Alternatives.


Livefootballol is not a sports streaming site that has been designed to be easy to use, you can obtain all the UFC live stream free here. It is easier to find your favorite live game on the website’s interface.

To generate advertising revenue, they use an advertising banner. They advertise different links on their website to live streaming games. The website offers all content for free. You can create a free account to access chat rooms or to share your opinions.


Drakulastream is another great free sports streaming site and awesome 123TV.com Alternatives that allows you to watch live streaming of various sports. The most popular sports on the site are baseball and football. The website categorizes all sports in different categories and gives the user the ability to search for and choose the game they want to see.

Pop-up ads were used to generate revenue on the website. It is still a great way to watch live sports and can be considered the best alternative.


As the name suggests, Zorrostream is a platform that offer free sports streams like 123TV live, when it comes to live sports streaming. There are many sporting events on this website, including races and ball games. They stream all at different times around the world. Its homepage has great information per game which makes it a good 123TV alternative.


livesport24 is one of the best 123TV alternative for streaming online sports. It’s a genuine sports streaming site that provides real-time sporting events. livesport24 is not like other websites that rely on too many visuals.

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