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How Pest Control Helps in Dealing With Bedbugs?

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Bed bugs in the apartment – anyone can face this trouble. Some mistakenly believe that insects can appear only in unsanitary conditions. This is far from the case. Unfortunately, it will not be possible to insure yourself against parasites with sterile cleanliness.

Sources of infection by bedbugs

Neighbors. Blood-sucking parasites have a good sense of smell. In search of new power sources, they move through ventilation shafts, and in the warm season even along the outer walls of buildings. If one of the housemates has acquired such “lodgers”, then the risk of colliding with them and other tenants is quite high.

Pets. Having inspected for a walk the space near the garbage cans or at the entrance to the basement, the pet can unwittingly bring bugs to the apartment. By the way, in the absence of people, parasites feed on the blood of animals. Chickens are also of great interest to these insects. Feathered skin is thin and resembles human in structure. So visiting a chicken coop can be dangerous.

Used furniture. Buying used or stored furniture for a long time can cause unexpected problems. In order not to become the new owner of the bug population, conduct a thorough inspection of the planned acquisition. 

Any infected places
. Parasites can be brought in a bag with things or just on your own clothes from the hotel, from a rented apartment, from friends or any other place where you stayed for a while.

How to understand that bedbugs appeared in the apartment

These insects are small, nimble and very careful. Therefore, tracking the very first “aliens” is likely to fail. For about a week or two, there are no signs of an invasion. If the owners have suspicions, this can only mean one thing – the population has already managed to grow rapidly.

Bed bugs are mostly nocturnal. It is almost impossible to see them in the daytime by chance. The presence of parasites can be guessed from the tracks on the body. Small, red, itchy blisters are sometimes attributed to mosquitoes or allergies. However, there is one feature that allows you to establish authorship correctly and unambiguously.

Having attacked the sleeping one, the bug is not limited to one bite. The insect damages the skin several times, moving in one direction along the back or sides of the victim. Thus, waking up in the morning, the victim will find on the body a kind of swollen paths of rounded red spots that are approximately 1.5 cm apart.

How to spot them?

Another indisputable sign of the nocturnal presence of parasites is brown specks of dried blood on the sheets. The fact is that hungry bugs are flat and nimble. Crushing them by accident in a dream is impossible. But plenty of drunk individuals become slow and vulnerable. The swollen body bursts easily, crushed by the turned person.

Traces of their life will also tell about the appearance of “tenants”. Bed bugs prefer to settle closer to the power source, i.e. places for night rest of people. Therefore, it is worthwhile to carefully inspect the upholstery of upholstered furniture, mattresses, joints of wooden elements of beds, baseboards, walls with peeled off wallpaper.

Irrefutable evidence will be black grains of excrement with a specific cognac smell and husks from skins discarded during shedding. Bedbug eggs are very small and translucent in shape resembling rice. It is almost impossible to detect the masonry with the naked eye.

What harm do bedbugs do?

In no case should you put up with the presence of bedbugs in the house. Perhaps single wounds seem harmless. But with an increase in the parasite population, the number of bites and the harm from them will increase. The sleep of a person subjected to night attacks becomes restless and superficial. Which can lead to depletion of the nervous system.

In addition, these insects are often carriers of microorganisms dangerous to humans. And their metabolic products (chitinous skins and excrement) are allergenic in themselves and can cause diseases of the upper respiratory tract and even asthma. Usually parasites choose people with more delicate skin. Therefore, children are more likely to be victims.

What to do when bugs are detected?

So, if bugs appeared in the apartment, you need to act decisively and quickly. We do not recommend spending time on folk methods and the independent use of special insecticidal drugs. Non-professionals rarely manage to completely destroy parasites and finally solve the problem the first time. Therefore, you should call شركة مكافحة حشرات right away for an instant solution.

Freezing, pouring boiling water, heating with a hairdryer, cauterizing with matches will give a limited result. A certain number of bugs will certainly die. Survivors partially migrate to their neighbors. Most of them will be left to wait for unfavorable times in secluded places of their “native” apartment.

The main difficulty is due to the fact that insects breed very quickly. Surviving adults are able to restore the population to their previous sizes in a short time. In another place, a new nest will appear. Unnoticed clutches of eggs ripen, having produced hordes of gluttonous creatures.


Of course, everyone decides independently what methods to use in the fight against parasites. We only offer to evaluate the health risk, the effort and time spent. Most likely, the cost of the services of professional specialists in disinfecting the premises will seem justified and reasonable. The cleanliness and safety of the surrounding area is our concern!



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