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Top 10 Webtoon Manhwa Websites You Can Read Free Webtoon Online In 2022

Great and creative products of Korean cinema, television, and music are forecast to continue to grow to a new level with Webtoon. Webtoon Manhwa is a comic book for the internet, it is a creation of web and cartoon, Unlike American superhero comics and Japanese Hentai Manga, Webtoon has a long story line and thrilling storyline that sometimes comes in stock. Hundreds of chapters made readers can not leave.

Webtoon Manhwa was born in 2003 – when Daum, one of Korea’s largest companies – published the works True Beauty, Perfect Half, Sweet but Psycho, My Stepmom, The Good Manager, Painter of the Night.

Two years later, search site Webtoon Naver entered the market. Since 2006, a number of Kim Che Nhiec’s works began to be adapted into feature films such as Close as Neighbors. However, it was not until 2013 – when the film My stepmom – adapted from the online comic series, attracting 8 million viewers, becoming an adaptation of the best-selling comic book, the golden age of webtoon manhwa was just beginning.

Webtoon is a gold mine for film and television filmmakers to exploit, creating films that resonate like Vampire Heart. Man Up Girl, S Flower, Solmi’s Channel, … 2019 is the year the webtoon landed on the screen with a series of medium or upcoming adaptations such as The Missing O, Redemption Camp, Talk to Me, Rental Girls…

According to Manytoon Comics, the country’s comic book market was estimated at about 1,200 billion won 955 million USD last year and webtoon manhwa accounted for more than 75%. According to data from Naver, Korea’s largest search portal, Korea’s webtoon industry is formed with 2 billion monthly searches with terms like my stepmom toomics hack english and a growth of 9.5% / year.

The Korean webtoon business units are gradually expanding overseas markets. Manytoon Comics is available in the US and Spain. Lezhin, Mr Blue, Toomics, Toptoon provide online comics for platforms in China, the US and Japan.

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Manhwa Webtoon has been introduced to the US since the late 2015 and developed from 2018 with a series of works published by publishers such as My Stepmom, Fantasyland, Shameroom, Sex Lessons … but statistics are presented at the conference. show that the proportion of manhwa webtoon consumption in the US is not as high as expected.

The strength of webtoon lies in the richness of genres such as boys love, girls love, horror, adventure, teen love, action, manhwa 18+, adult webtoon, romance, fantasy …, diverse topics Intellectually, educating, suitable for many age groups from teenagers and middle-aged people with attractive content, beautiful drawings, impressive storytelling and hiding valuable practical lessons. Website you can read Webtoon for free.

The Best Webtoon Manhwa Websites 2022

This paragraph covers awesome websites that offer manhwa webtoons. Some of these websites are completely dedicated to manhwa webtoons, while others have a mix of different comics and manhwa. All of these websites offer free reading, and most have translations available in multiple languages.

These online comics are updated regularly with new episodes and can be read on your computer or mobile device. Here are 10 websites where you can find great webtoon manhwa comics.

1 – Naver Webtoon

The world’s largest webtoon portal with 70 million unique users in a month.

2 – Daum

The website spawned a webtoon, with over 50 million unique visitors. Paid reading website.

3 – Free Webtoon Online

Free webtoon online has rich content, full of genres such as Boys Love, Girls Love, Teen Love, Action, Sci Fi, Drama, Romance. A great site for readers to read free webtoon manhwa, manhua, and manga with thousands of titles.

4 – is a large website with over 5,000 titles and is an American website.

5 – Free Webtoon Coins

Free Webtoon Coins is a site for readers to read 10000 chapters and 2000 webtoon titles for free with Lezhin Comics, Toptoon Comics, Toomics, Manytoon Comics and free hack coins. The site has an excellent collection of Boys Love and Girls Love.

6- Manytoon Comics

Manytoon Comics a great website about manhwa webtoon 18+, with 1000 mature webtoon titles, with huge content about adult manhwa webtoon with the subject of mature webtoon, boys love webtoon, girls love webtoon.

7 – Lezhin Comics

Lezhin Comics the site has a breakthrough development in 2019. With 20 million readers a month the site specializes in Boys Love and Lgbt Webtoon. It’s the best website in which you can get TOOMICS “My Stepmom” all episodes.

8- Toomics

Born in 2018 and to 2019 Toomics had 2 million global subscribers. The website is a miniature of with 300 unique stories. Toomic let you get some notable my stepmom toomics hack english version free.

9 –

Webtoon website but published by Japan with over 500 excellent webtoon stories. You should not skip this site. With Boys Love, Girls Love and Teen Love are amazing, there are 5000 chapters free for you. If are looking for a full version of My Stepmom from toomics then visit this website.

10- Toptoon

As a company behind but Toptoon’s strength is the backing of the Korea Creative Association with more than 1000 Comic Creators, certainly will not let you down.

It is still too early to talk about the development of webtoon in the US market and the global stir but with what webtoon has been doing in the past time around the world we have added and made choices. Amazing Webtoon Manhwa, Manga Hentai or Manhua in the colorful comic world.



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