3 Basic Hot tub Maintenance Tips

Here are three basic maintenance tips to help you keep your hot tub clean and well-maintained.

Getting a hot tub can be a great home improvement project since you can get the comfort that comes with using it and the increased property value once you decide to sell your home. To keep your hot tub in top shape, there are a few things you need to do. Here are three basic maintenance tips to help you keep your hot tub clean and well-maintained.

Have a Simple Cleaning Schedule

3 Basic Hot tub Maintenance Tips


Both outdoor and indoor hot tubs can develop scum, but you need to take extra care of outdoor hot tubs. This is because debris like leaves, rubbish and critters can get into the pool and contaminate it. Also, try to keep the waterline and the hot tub seats clear to ensure the tub remains clean and that there are no water issues to worry about.

To clean the hot tub, use a sponge and white vinegar (avoid using white wine vinegar) to wipe down the shell and jets to keep them sparkling. Do not forget to scrub the scum that can form at the waterline. You can also use a 10% bleach solution to help curtail mildew growth.

Ensure There is Good Circulation

Ensuring there is good water circulation helps keep the hot tub free of contaminants by ensuring all the water is filtered with every cycle. If your hot tub does not have an automatic circulation system, you should turn it on twice a day for 5-20 minutes to ensure all the water passes through the filter. It is also important to drain the hot tub completely every 2-3 months and clean it out to ensure you remove all contaminants in it.

For hot tubs that have an automatic circulation schedule, you do not have to think about turning it on. This is because these hot tubs will turn on automatically once or twice a day and circulate all the water and ensure it all passes through the filter. With such a hot tub, you do not have to worry about cleaning out or maintaining a schedule as these hot tubs are self-cleaning. To enjoy your hot tub without thinking about cleaning or turning it on regularly, click to visit Oasis Leisure Hot tubs who will consult with you and ensure you get the right self-cleaning pool for you and your home.

Ensure the Chemistry is Balanced

Because of their smaller size, balancing the chemistry in a hot tub is more challenging than doing the same in a pool. However, the basics are the same. You will need a baseline reading so you know where to start and have some results to compare against.

The chemicals you can use include pH increasers and reducers to adjust the pH, alkalinity increasers to prevent the pH from changing drastically, chlorine to sanitize the water, and non-chlorine shock to remove bacteria and chloramines. Do not forget to purchase some test strips which you will use to ensure the chemistry is right once done.

Like everything else in your home, your hot tub needs regular maintenance. For most hot tubs, that involves cleaning them regularly, draining them every few months and ensuring the water chemistry is right.

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