3 Best Painters In Toronto

Best Painters In Toronto: Looking for the best painters in Toronto? Look no further! Our experienced and talented painters will take care of your painting needs and ensure that the job is done right, on time, and within your budget.

There are many great painters in Toronto, but these three are some of the best. They each have their own unique style and approach to painting, and their work is sure to impress.

Best Painters In Toronto


Home Painters

Mississauga handyman painting services, Home Painters, is considered to be one of the best three Toronto painters. Back in the 80s, they got started in Toronto, painting custom homes. Not only do Mississauga handyman painting services perform an excellent job of decorating your home but they can also handle some other house painting-related work.

Popcorn Ceiling Removal

They’re already a well-established company with years of popcorn ceiling installation and now years of popcorn ceiling removal.
Over the years of being a top-rated house painting company in Toronto and Mississauga, they have done many successful projects.

If you want to learn more about how the best painters operate, you can watch this video:

Searching for house painters?

Choosing The Best Painting Company And Painting Services

The best way to evaluate a painting contractor is to see how long they have been in business. A good house painting contractor should be a known expert in residential and commercial painting. Moreover, great painting companies should have been doing decorative painting for decades—such as Mississauga handyman who has been in house painting services since 1979.

The secret to this success is the passion that the painters have towards doing a conscientious and decent paint job in a home or office. This comes from years of experience and know-how. A well-practiced house painter has so much experience that nothing baffles them. They don’t need to think long and hard about how they are going to start a painting project.

Good House Painters In Toronto



How do professional painters prepare before performing their services? Preparation starts with making sure that all the home furnishings and flooring are completely protected with coverings such as drop sheets and plastics. An experienced painter will be able to identify all the defects in the walls, ceilings, trims.

As skillful as they are, they still use the aid of a high-powered lightbulb to identify any inconsistencies in the walls. Also, when painting kitchen cabinets, they must pay very close attention to minor details to achieve high-quality results.

Painting Job: Identifying Issues

Some painting defects don’t normally show up with natural lighting. Thus, it can be difficult to look for irregularities in a painting job.
These deficiencies can be corrected through plastering spots and then sanding them smooth. This will give the wall a nice, smooth, and even finish without cracks and holes or dips.

Experience Makes A Good Painter

Finally, when it comes to painting, a good painter will not use lousy paint. They will use good-quality topline paints like Benjamin Moore or Sherwin-Williams. And a truly professional and honest painter will not try to sell you on a one-coat paint job. All house painting jobs, under normal circumstances, always count on two coats of paint.

Paint shouldn’t also be applied excessively, or more than what’s required. If you apply paint too thickly, it will look very heavy to the point of sagging and running. It might also not dry as fast and will collect more dust, making its texture appear rough and dirty. Thus, it’s ideal to apply two carefully brushed and thinner coats so the paint can set faster and more smoothly.

Another very popular service that excellent painting contractors offer is cabinet spray painting. As part of their home painting, the city painters also offer popcorn ceiling removal. You might be curious—how much does it cost to hire someone to remove a popcorn ceiling? And is this kind of service worth the cost?



Good Painter


This is a top-rated application these days since no one wants to maintain their textured ceilings on their own. A good painting company knows which tool to use to remove a popcorn ceiling. It does not take a very long time to remove it, and in the end, you will get a beautiful brand-new smooth ceiling.

Textured Ceilings Are A Thing Of The Past

Popcorn ceiling
Popcorn ceiling


Years ago, homeowners enjoyed having textured ceilings because it was all the rage. It did have some good qualities about it, such as somewhat deadening any reverberating sounds in the room. It also was good for hiding any imperfections in the drywall of the ceiling. This would save the builder money, reducing the cost of doing a level-five finish.

Often, you would find a level two and three on a ceiling that was to be sprayed with popcorn. The only problem during those days was that the popcorn contained asbestos, and they didn’t stop manufacturing these products until the early 1980s. This procedure was said to be carcinogenic if it was performed before the mid to early 1980s. In this case, the texture should not be tampered with and should be primed with oil-based paint.

Stucco Ceiling Repair Or Removal Procedures

Now that the textured ceiling has been sealed, it can be coated with drywall plaster. Normally, it takes three coats to do a proper job. The first coat is usually done with a quick-drying hot mix such as dura bond 90, which dries in about two hours to the point when it can be recoated. The amount to be sprayed also depends on the amount of plaster applied. If the texture was sprayed on sparsely with small particles, it will take less plaster to fill in and make it smooth.

Once the ceiling has a full smooth plaster finish on it, it’s time to give it a light sanding to ensure that there are no machine marks (trowel marks from the plaster knife).

Having a nice flat smooth ceiling is tied to high-quality and well-applied prime and paint. You must examine the prime coat with a high-powered lightbulb to ensure that there are no misses or bad plastering.

Professional Painters

We are a professional painting company
We are a professional painting company

These are some of the things that the 3 best painters in Toronto would know. And not all painting companies offer stucco ceiling removal or repair. If you badly need these services, you must look for the best home painters in Toronto.

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