3 Powerful Reasons Why Your Business Should Be Livestreaming


Video content has become a go-to tool for brands to engage with their customers. While pre-recorded videos are already a good step, livestreaming is the way to go today, as customers are looking for personal connections and compelling experiences. With it being easier than ever to stream live online, any brand can make use of livestreaming to deliver emotionally engaging content and build strong brand connections. Adding livestreams to your marketing arsenal now might just be the key to future brand growth.

Livestreaming is the next big thing

Livestreaming hasn’t been around for long, but it is clear the technology is here to stay, with more marketers using the powerful tool to engage with customers. The industry is projected to skyrocket within the coming years, with businesses from all industries switching to this innovative way of delivering content. The global livestreaming market is projected to be worth $247 billion by 2027 according to a report from Market Research Future. While the market is not yet oversaturated, now is the time to join in.

Streaming platform Twitch shows how livestreaming has gained importance in the gaming industry in recent years. In 2021 alone, viewers watched more than 24 million hours of streamed content on the platform that mainly focuses on video gaming. Livestreaming is also gaining traction in other areas of the gaming industry, with online casinos making use of the technology. Some of the best platforms in the UK as reviewed by Vegas Slots Online offer a wide variety of casino games in a safe environment on the web. For live casino games, users are connected with a real dealer via a livestream to play in an innovative and immersive way. Such lifelike experiences have also filtered through to retail, with livestream shopping gaining traction in the e-commerce sector. Many retailers stream live content for customers to shop directly through the video in real-time. From streaming interviews to broadcasting events, livestreams offer a versatile marketing tool for all sectors to present your brand and engage your audience.

Livestreams grab your customer’s attention

With their immediate, direct, and interactive nature, livestreams can instantly grab the audience’s attention. The statistics speak for themselves: A study by Forrester showed that users watch livestreams up to 20 times longer than pre-recorded videos. Live video content is simply more exciting and engaging than other types of content. Research from Livestream and New York Magazine also revealed that 80% of users prefer live video content over blog articles and social posts.

Live videos allow audiences to join in on the conversation and participate in creating their own individual experiences. Instead of simply watching or reading content in a passive way, live videos let users interact directly by using chat functions to make comments and ask questions, which the streamer can then answer immediately. This high level of immediacy and interactivity is simply more exciting and will keep your audiences engaged, so you can get your message across.

Livestreams can help you build brand awareness and loyalty

All this also plays into the third powerful reason why your business should be livestreaming right now: It can play a key role in building brand awareness and loyalty. Streaming live allows you to do much more than to simply present your product. You can show the faces behind the brand in an authentic way to engage with your customers on a personal level. Instead of showing a polished, perfectly edited pre-recorded video, users can interact with a real person and get to know the humans behind the brand. This can allow for a much deeper connection between the brand and the customer, boost brand awareness and build a high level of trust and ultimately loyalty.

Especially in the age of social media, users are seeking more personal connections with the brands and influencers they follow. Once that connection is established, they are much more likely to buy and spend more money on a brand. With sneak peeks at upcoming products, behind the scenes, staff interviews or tutorials, you can engage with your audience and talk to them directly. Having a dialogue with your customers, hearing what they say and demystifying the brand are all powerful steps to brand loyalty – and ultimately more sales.

In today’s digital world, livestreams offer an invaluable way to connect with your customers and engage with them directly. If you haven’t done so yet, these three powerful reasons should convince you to add livestreams to your marketing arsenal today.

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