3 Tips to Help You Learn Basic Arabic Without Breaking Your Bank

Learn Arabic

Arabic is a tough language to learn. The Arabic alphabet and grammar are mathematical, and spoken language differs from writing. This means reading Arabic novels may not be useful in speaking the language.

Reading can be a challenge because written Arabic leaves out vowels, and letters come in three different shapes for use in various scenarios. Therefore, learning the Arabic alphabet can take time. The spoken language vary in dialect from one country to another, or city to city.

However, pleasantries (or niceties) are common in the language. Despite the difficulty in learning Arabic, it pays to do so. For instance, learning the language can help you communicate with millions, get a job, master Arabic names, order food, learn more about Islam, and even travel countries in the Middle East with ease.

What’s more, an Arabic language speaker may offer you help or encouragement if they find out you’re trying to learn the language. The best part about learning Arabic is that you can learn it using free apps whenever and wherever you want.

I came across various apps that can help you learn Arabic while writing this article. Check them out in the link below.

Top Apps for Learning Arabic Language

If you don’t find something that you like or catches your attention, use the following tips to help you choose a suitable app for learning Arabic.

1. Find an App with Information on the History of Arabic Language

When learning a language or anything else, it helps to learn about its history. It’s a good way to spike your excitement to learn the language. It means learning Arabic is a gateway to familiarize yourself with the culture and knowledge specific to the language.

With knowledge of the culture and language of Arabs, you won’t just understand them, but also connect with them easily. Knowledge about the people is key to being successful in learning their language. Learning the definition of specific words becomes easier if you’re able to learn the Arabic history.

Arabic people can often seem mysterious due to the complex nature of their language and culture. Apps with history of the language opens doors to unraveling the Arabic mystery. Also look out for Arabic scripts to help you learn how to read ancient texts, something key to experiencing the culture.

2. Opt for Free Arabic Language Apps to Save Money

Many websites and applications can help you learn Arabic. Whereas some apps such as Rosetta Stone Arabic CD teach Arabic directly, others use particular questions or direct translations to help you learn the Arabic language.

Some people sell discounted Rosetta Stone on the Arabic platform on eBay; it’s a useful tool for learning the language. You’ll also find apps designed to help you learn how to write in Arabic to improve your skills through ancient texts, making the learning process fun.

Newspaper mobile apps from any Arabic nation are also useful. You can access Arabic articles on news and culture to broaden your learning experience. You learn the language while gaining insight into current affairs of Arabic countries.

As a result, it’ll be easier for you to connect with Arabs in the future and make new friends or create exceptional learning experiences. Whichever way you want to learn Arabic, opt for free Arabic language apps to save money.

3. Learn about the Arabic Culture to Understand the People and Learn their Language

The best app for learning Arabic has useful information on the Arabic culture. Proper understanding of the culture makes it easy to understand certain words, including their meanings. Learn about the type of people living in Arabic countries to connect to the language, and learn how it’s spoken in various parts of the Middle East with different dialects.

You’ll make sales, new friends and create successful business networks through mastery of the Arabic language. You won’t just know more Arabs, but appreciate their culture and way of life. You may even travel to the Arabic world to experience the language and culture on a personal level.


Whichever way or app you decide to use to learn the Arabic language, you’ll be in for a memorable experience. Fasten your learning seat belt and create the time you need to learn the language. With the advent of mobile technology, learning Arabic has never been easier.

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