3 Ways To Minimize Your Possessions Before Moving

Moving to a new place can be a handful, especially when you have plenty of belongings. These tips can help you in decluttering your home.

Moving to a new place can be a handful, especially when you have plenty of belongings. Transporting all your stuff to your next home could be burdensome. It might cost you a fortune, too. So, the best moving decision you have to make is to downsize your possessions.

These tips can help you in decluttering your home and reducing your baggage for a smooth move:

1. Plan And Prepare

Planning and preparation are key steps in cutting down your stuff before you move. Once you’ve decided to move into a new home, you should start planning.
First is to create a list of things you can’t live without. By doing so, you’ll have an idea of the possessions you’ll be taking with you. Prepare these things ahead of time so they won’t mix with other stuff you’ll leave behind. You can mark those or put them away in a box. This process will help you trim your possessions to only the essentials.

2. Sort

After you set aside important belongings, you must sort the things left. The easiest way to do this is by piling the things you don’t want to keep into three, which are:

  • Donation/Sell

Valuable things you don’t need anymore, like baby clothes, books, and furniture, can either be sold or donated. You can find where to donate baby stuff to drop off items your kids don’t use anymore. Charitable organizations also accept books and clothes donations. This will not only declutter your place, but help those in need as well.

You can also sell used furniture you won’t be taking with you. Set up a garage sale or auction before you move to dispose of the things you’ll be leaving behind. This way, you can also earn money to buy stuff for your new home.

  • Recycle

Items like glass, plastic, and paper can be recycled to avoid brimming the landfill. You can contact your local recycling facility for help. They’ll assist you on how to sort recyclable items before they come to pick them up.

  • Trash

The junkyard may not be the ideal end for your things, but if you can no longer repurpose or donate your stuff, the dumpster is the only place it will go. So, to save the environment, minimize the things that you’ll stack on this pile.

3. Let Go

It can be hard to say goodbye to the things you use to have. Even if it has been with you for years, it doesn’t mean you have to keep it.

Here are some tips to help you release the things you don’t need anymore:

  • Let Go Of Things You Haven’t Used In A Long Time

Get rid of clothes you haven’t worn in a year. There’s a slight chance you’ll wear them again because fashion evolves. The best way to let go of your old clothes is to offer them to the less-fortunate who need them the most.

  • Let Go Of Items That Cause You Distress

Items that hold memories of misery or misfortune should be left behind. Don’t cling to such items even if they have personal value. These will only hold you down and will burden you. Moving to a new home can mean a new life. You may not want your past heartaches hanging on to you as you start anew.

  • Let Go Of Objects That Don’t Benefit You Anymore

There may be broken or useless things that you still keep with you for their sentimental value. These may be gifts from beloved people or purchases from years ago that you don’t want to throw away. You must let go of these things that have already served their purpose. These will only add clutter to your new home.

Moving Out

Downsizing your possessions to the minimum could ease you from the burden of bringing items you won’t need anymore. You can either donate or sell goods you won’t be taking with you. Leave all your excess baggage and start fresh in your new home.

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