4 Ways To Get The Best Price For Your Used Phone

When it comes to selling your used phones, you wish to get the best possible price. With the market at an all-time low, this might ordinarily be a problem, but we’re here to help you with some quick fix-it tips to sell your device at the best price possible.

Ways To Get The Best Price For Your Used Phone

How does a phone being used affect the resale value?

When it comes to the actual performance of a phone, the phone might still be in top form however, this is not the only factor that affects the sale of a phone. From the condition of the packaging to the overall worth of the device on the current market, there’s a lot more that goes into it.

Certain devices that were quite popular back in the day no longer have their value. For example, devices that ran on the Symbian system used to be quite popular back in the day but are worth only 30 % of their market price today.

Such depreciation and appreciations on the market can significantly affect the value of your device during resale.

Now comes the real question you’ve all been asking,

How do I get the best value on my device?

Very simply put, there are a few major points when it comes to the value of your device in the market. Here is a set of rules you must follow:

1. Warranty Cards and invoices:

  • All products that are sold with approved warranty cards that are unused and unexpired have a significantly greater price than those which are either used or not available.
  • Having a valid invoice with proper details can be of significant help when selling your device.
  • The closer your device is to the date of production and sale, the better its value, this is why showing an invoice or receipt becomes almost crucial when it comes to reselling your phone.

2. The device model and Manufacturer:

  • Certain devices like i-phones, Samsungs, or Google products tend to have an incredibly high resale value. With the customer demand being so high, it’s rather easy for vendors to resell these devices. 
  • Android and IOS are the two best Operating Systems when it comes to high values for your device. With lovely interfaces and easy to use applications, customers enjoy buying it, this influences the price significantly.
  • Simply put, the device model ( Which year it was made in, design, and other flaws associated with the model ), and the manufacturing company determine the net price.

3. The Agency you sell it to:

  • There are hundreds of companies across the globe who are willing to buy your devices at varying prices, some extremely high, and others quite low. However, most high performers tend to be rather unreliable and risky to work with. That’s why your choice of company to sell to is important.
  • There are companies in Australia and across the globe that buy your used device at the best price possible after testing it, making sure it’s intact and other legal details.
  • One such company Mobile Monster ( https://mobilemonster.com.au ) offers you some of the best benefits such as 5 % more than any other buyer can propose. With a team of industry-leading experts testing your device and a simplistic interface to determine an approximate value of your device, you can be sure no corners are cut and your device gets the best price it can get.

4. The Packaging and components:

  • One last thing to remember is that the packaging and other peripherals can play a big advantage in getting you a better-priced product.
  • With the package absolutely intact and sealed (an unused device ) you can get almost the market value on your device. With a damaged package, however, the resale value might drop in most stores.
  • Finally, the last component that you need to keep in mind is the peripherals. If you have all the peripherals intact and undamaged you can raise the value of your device significantly.

When selling your used phone there can be a lot of nuances and traps you will have to avoid like false sites that do not respond once you send your device and bad prices. By choosing a company like Mobile Monster you can save yourself from falling into the wrong hands.

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