4 Ways to Record a Video from a Website for Free

As Work from Home has become an integral part of the new normal, online video conferencing, webinars, sessions with clients, and online classes, have come into vogue. You may have a hard time adjusting to the scheduled meetings and managing work and family time. It would be great if you could record the live video stream and refer to them later to catch up on the highlights of the webinars and classes.

Capture a Video from Website

That is why, we suggest a screen recorder to capture the video stream and ease out your time management. There are tools available for recording videos on desktop, online, built in or as a browser extension. Choose the one that suits your needs.

How to Capture a Video from Website with Desktop app

Nothing better than a desktop recording tool to capture video from the website. Movavi Screen Recorder tool is easy to use and armed with tons of features. It gives one of the best free options to capture web video. You can schedule the recording for live streaming events. Let’s dig deeper into the steps on how to record a video from a website.

  1. Download and Install the program file. It is available for both Windows and Mac here.
  2. After installation, run the program and you will find a widget with recording options.
  3. Navigate to the website from where you need to record the video. Ensure the screen is not blocked by any other window.
  4. A widget appears with two options- one with an icon of still camera, and the other with a movie camera. Click on the latter.
  5. Set the audio and video options. You can crop the frame, allow Movavi to record the microphone or speaker audio and adjust the settings whether or not to record the mouse capture.
  6. Press the REC button. After the countdown, press the Play button. After the web video streaming is over, press the Stop button.
  7. You may edit the video for finer changes and then export the video to the location you want and click on Save. SuperSpeed eases and hastens the conversion, so ensure the checkbox is clicked.

Web Video Capture with Online Screen Recorder

If you want to grab the web video with an online screen recorder, check out Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder. It is a website that allows screen capturing although you are required to download and check the helpdesk for recording. With Apowersoft, you can record videos for free and without any hassle. It has no time restrictions and does not include any watermark on the video. Get recorded videos stored on Cloud and check them whenever you need. Follow the easy steps to record the area of the screen you wish-

  1. Navigate to the Apowersoft website and hit the Screen Recording button. Also click on Download Launcher and let the download and installation of the software be completed.
  2. Open Apowersoft and browse to the website where you would like to record the video stream.
  3. Set your preferences by clicking on the cogwheel option. Start recording and also choose the file format you want to save it as.
  4. Set the screen area you want to take a screenshot of or record the full video.
  5. Press the Record button. After it is over, press the Stop button. The recording is complete now.
  6. Click on Share option that allows you to save on the Local disc or even save it in Cloud like YouTube or Google Drive.

How to Grab a Web Video Stream with Browser Extension?

What initially kickstarter as a video messaging platform, quickly escalated into a suitable platform for recording short videos for work. Ace the clarity of the message with the power of videos. Record the screen, tap the audio and share it in an instant with Loom. It is an extension of the Chrome web browser. You cannot use it with other browsers though. Loom automatically uploads the video. Therefore, you need to download it for a local copy and this may pose some bandwidth limitations. Thus, the Loom extension is best suited for short videos.

  1. Once you reach the Loom Video Recorder website, click on the Add to Chrome button to add the extension on Chrome.
  2. Click the icon on the toolbar and a list of options will appear as a dropdown. Choose the source screen or webcam where the video will be recorded. Ensure that your screen is not being blocked by any other tab.
  3. After setting the preferences, click on Start Recording. When the video streaming is completed, hit Finish Recording and proceed to saving the video.
  4. A dialog box will appear asking you to accept the results. The video will start uploading.
  5. After upload is over, click on the Download option on the video player to get access to a local copy.
  6. You will also be provided with an option to share the video with other people.

How Will You Record the Web Video using Built-In Tool?

Want to showcase a clip of your video game and share it on Twitter? The Xbox Game Bar is probably one of the finest choices for this. Although originally designed to record specifically games running on your PC, it can be used to record any video on your screen.

In case you are wondering how to use it, Game Bar is an in-built tool on Windows 10. You can enable it pressing Windows keys + G. Follow the steps below for a more detailed approach of recording the video.

  1. Activate the Xbox Game Bar. Go to Settings, go to the Gaming tab and ensure that it is turned on.
  2. Set your choices of FPS rate, audio and video quality on the Settings screen in the Capture section.
  3. The only catch in this tool is that it covers the application of Game bar and is suitable for Microsoft Edge. Other browsers may not be compatible. Open the screen on Microsoft Edge which you would want to record.
  4. Press Windows key and G to capture the video. You can also go to Xbox if you only wish to record games.
  5. When you are ready, click on the Record button and play the video. Once it is over, hit the Stop button. You can also press Windows + Alt + R for the same purpose.
  6. You will receive a notification showing Game Clip Recorded.


Listed above were the 4 best and simplest free methods of recording the screen when a video is streamed on a website. Save it for future reference, or share it, or save it on the Drive as the need suits you. Get your requirements jotted down and choose the tool that best suits you in recording the screen.

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