5 Best Pocket Friendly Photocopier to Buy in 2020


a photocopier is a beneficial material for small or big businesses. Toshiba is
prominent worldwide for producing the best quality Photocopier machines. We
have chosen five budget Photocopier, which will be convenient for use in the
context of Bangladesh. Following the process, we will discuss the Toshiba
Photocopier’s price in Bangladesh.

Top 5 budget Toshiba
photocopier Price in Bangladesh



e-Studio 2303A Photocopier

42,000 TK

E-Studio 2309A MFP ADU Standard Class Digital Copier

60,000 TK

e-Studio 2523A Photocopier Machine

42,000 TK

e-Studio 2303AM Digital MFP A3 Copier Machine

45,000 TK

Toshiba e-Studio 2809A Black And White 28 PPM



80,000 TK

Key aspects to Consider When
Buying a photocopier machine

you buy a xerox machine, you will not consider a few elements before buying it.
Make sure to make your mind updated with all the core features.


essential part of copy machines is the speed of copy creation. If printing
speed is critical to you, we tend to suggest selecting at least seventy pages
per minute. For quicker printing strength, choose a replica machine at around
fifty ppm for your productivity spice.

of graphics

level of your graphics is another essential aspect of your analysis as a result
of your desire to come up with high-quality images and text to your copy


can play a significant role in terms of saving documents. It does mitigate the
hassle to keep your data on your PC. So it is always a wiser option to buy a
machine with a bigger size memory.

Credible Brand

brand does matter when you buy any kind of electronic product. However, in the
case of a photocopier machine, you tend to invest more money than other
appliances. So it is a better idea to make overall research about the
particular brand before buying.

Top five Toshiba photocopier

are lots of world-class brands which produce a decent quality photocopier
machine. However, if you live in Bangladesh, and you intend to buy a
top-quality photocopier machine at an affordable price. Then Toshiba should be
at the number one position in your hit list. Moreover,
Photocopier price in Bangladesh
is under your rudder as compare to the
other brands.


e-Studio 2303A Photocopier

e-Studio 2303A is known for its lightweight,
which allows the user to move it without considerable deal hassle.
Black-and-white copying, this series can use as a black-and-white printer and
color scanner, by connecting to a PC via USB cable. The easy card option allows
transferring data rapidly.

scanning, and repetition are all conventional facilities of thee-STUDIO2303A —
no need to spent a penny on buying an optional device for getting done this
work. Total footprint is optimized, and more importantly, managing the device
is straightforward, as expendable purchases and maintenance required for
underneath one device.

e-STUDIO 2303A designed by eliminating the harmful materials, likes of mercury,
lead, etc. Last but not least feature is the budget of this particular
photocopier; it costs 42,000 TK only, which quite low compare to the market


Toshiba E-Studio 2309A MFP ADU Standard Class Digital Copier

e-studio 2309A is low-cost buy,
black and white laser equipment from Toshiba. Moreover, this device has a reputation
for producing good quality black and white output. It is an excellent authority
providing quality multifunctional print output with decent speeds and a handful
of beneficial features. It has proficient mono output, with a print resolution
of 600 x 600 DPI.

2309A sports has a touch screen panel, which does permits to perform useful
tasks. The enhanced resolution facility helps yu to prints at an even higher

importantly, you need to spend only 60,000 to buy this model. However, for
availing this offer you have to log into BD Stall.

Toshiba e-Studio 2523A Photocopier Machine

E-Studio 2523A takes only 15 seconds to get the thing
started. It also allows printing & scanning 24 pages per minute, with a
Resolution up to 2400×600dpi. Moreover, it permits to print directly from
mobile phones. The Monochrome MFP 2523A has a Ram of 256 megabytes. It supports
up to USB 2.0.

E Studio 2523A multi-function intelligent 25 pages per minute A4 output speed
has an A4 manuscript small in size. It gives the luxury of support to the
custom paper sizes. In addition to that, it gives the opportunity to copy the
ID card by a single touch.


Toshiba e-Studio 2303AM Digital MFP A3 Copier Machine

Toshiba e-studio 2303AM is very popular for its long-lasting
machine. Moreover, Its lightweight aspect sets it apart from the other
photocopier machine. High image quality helps to generate better output.
Background erase mode of e-Studio 2303AM enables you to make copies by deleting
the background color of the original.

flexible configuration mode allows operating the device smoothly. Besides, the
energy-saving ability will help the cause to save the electricity bill.

Toshiba e-Studio 2809A Black And White 28 PPM Photocopier

28009A is the last in our list, but not the least. The price of this particular
piece is higher than our other listed items. However, we have still enlisted it
because of its excellent quality of printing. Moreover, it has a very
convenient amount — Random Acess Memory of 512 MB, which allows quick printing.

28009A took a very minimal amount of time to get warm-up. The machine uses the
Indirect electrostatic photographic method for copying. Moreover, it has an
extended range of zooming from 25% to 400%, with a resolution of 2400dpi x

built-in Automatic Duplex Unit (ADU) enables easy two-sided copying and
printing too.


conclude, it is needless to say that to buy a photocopier machine; it is
essential to seek a reliable source in Bangladesh before buying a photocopier.
With our, all experience we will suggest tuning into the BD Stalls as they are
very convenient in Bangladesh for selling budget xerox machines.

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