5 Great Alternatives of MacBook

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There is no doubt about the fact that MacBook is a fancied kind of laptop for so many reasons. It is elegant to start with, and some of its features are so advanced and out of this world. It is okay not to use a MacBook, whether for the reasons that you cannot afford it or do not like the existing models.

Whichever reason you have for not using a MacBook, you can always opt for some alternatives that work more closely like a mac. It is however fair to say that there is no time these alternatives will match the functionality level of the mac, but will only be able to share just a few of capabilities so at no time should they be viewed as replacements. However, compared to some mac models, it is also fair to say that some of these alternatives are quite the deal.

These alternatives share so much capabilities with the MacBook and that is what makes them an alternative choice for those who cannot stand the MacBook itself or the fact that they cannot afford it because there is no doubt about the fact that macs are expensive. If you cannot be in a position to use your Mac, here are some of the most recommended alternatives that can work so much like a mac and unleash the magic;

HP Spectre x360

This wonder PC has a lot to offer compared to MacBook pro. Its 4k display, 360 degree hinge are just a few of its numerous design features you wouldn’t want to miss out on. It proves to be quite the alternative catch for mac with no doubt.

Razer Blade Stealth

This highly powered laptop in terms of graphics will easily pass for a normal laptop until it unleashes its gaming capabilities. It is light when compared to MacBook which is ideal for movements here and there. It is another alternative you would want to give a try.

Dell XPS 13

With a long lasting battery, an amazing notebook and light weight, this wonder laptop can be your alternative mac if you want it to. The display is quite amazing too and the processor is the latest Intel 8th Gen Core. At quite an affordable price that Apple wouldn’t ever consider any time, this machine can be found at reliable online platforms like Amazon and Best Buy and most notably Dell.

MateBook X

Is alternative laptop has borrowed quite a lot from MacBook pro. It has two USB-C ports and a fan less cooling system too. The design is quite similar to macs so if you are looking for something that reminds you of a MacBook, this would win for the looks.

Those are five great alternatives for MacBook that without any doubt would impress you just like a mac would. If you are waiting for some new mac arrivals, these would do for you in the meantime, and if you are saving some money for a MacBook pro, any alternative from the above list would hold you down for the time being.

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