5 Heavy Equipment Trends and Technologies in the Construction Business

Heavy equipment

Like any other industry, things in the construction business are constantly progressing and changing. Some things are getting better, while there still remain various issues and problems that need to be resolved as quickly as possible. The important thing to note is that the latest technological advancements are becoming more and more prominent and visible in the growing industries, like the heavy equipment construction industry, for instance.

These improvements and headways are giving us hope that some of the problems that the industry is facing are going to be positively resolved in the future. Here are some heavy equipment trends and technologies that help to paint the picture of the current state of the construction industry.

Skilled Labor Shortages

One of the toughest challenges that the construction business is facing today is the continual shortage of skilled craft workers. This trend is something that has been going on for some time already, and it continues to happen all across the globe.

Maybe the toughest thing about this fact is that a clear resolution of this problem isn’t really on sight. People have different ideas on how to approach this issue. For example, one would include allocating more resources towards creating training programs. In such a scenario, the existing workers would get more qualified. Another idea for filling vacancies for skilled workers would revolve around increasing wages, in order to make these job positions more attractive to potential employees.

It’s All About High-Tech Solutions

To move onto some lighter subjects and better news, it’s noticeable how different high-tech solutions are actually pushing the construction industry towards dealing with the issues of labour shortage, declining productivity, or safety problems.

The equipment such as drones, robots, conveyor products like conveyor belt rollers, underground structures, augmented reality simulations, performance tracking software, and so on – all play a huge role in further advancing the industry. It’s almost impossible to imagine how some of the more complicated projects would have been able to get completed if it wasn’t for these high-tech solutions and operations being handled by autonomous equipment.

Building Information Modeling Continues to Grow

There’s almost a unanimous decision when it comes to building information modelling: both experts and stakeholders agree that BIM enables a fundamental change in the way construction projects are developed, designed, and managed.

Being one of the hottest construction industry trends, building information modelling can give us a much better design insight, while bringing more accuracy to the whole building process.

Off-Site Construction (Modularization)

This construction industry trend is really getting more and more popular, especially in those companies that use standardized processes. The construction project gets completed on-site, as almost everything else gets done off-site.

The main reason why companies (especially the ones that are in the manufacturing business) are starting to follow and implement this strategy is due to the fact that the standardization process is something that can really cut down costs.

Becoming More Environmentally Conscious

Growing concern about our planet and the environment is making its effect in the construction industry as well. As we try to reduce the reduce the carbon footprint and opt for energy-efficient materials, we tend to move towards processes that are beneficial in this regard.

We’ve already mentioned modularization as one o the hottest trends in the construction industry at the moment. We should also mention the process of prefabrication, which is a variant of off-site building. These methods and approaches help the environment in terms of offering more chances to recycle extra materials. On top of this, a factory-controlled environment is also much less risky – various hazards are less likely to occur in these conditions.

Final Word

In this article, we’ve tried to give you some latest heavy equipment trends and technologies in the construction business. Like in almost any other industry, there are some reasons for concern, but there are also things we should look forward to. All things considered, it’s safe to conclude that exciting times are ahead of us.

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