The top 5 Causes of Entrepreneur Failure, (And Remedies)

In order to lay a solid foundation for your business and get the best possible interest rate, we HIGHLY recommend you look at these top 5 causes of entrepreneur failure.

Young entrepreneur growth

At the end of this post, you would be able to understand entrepreneurial success and failure reasons and remedies.

But before then, here are some of the biggest causes of entrepreneurial failure among young entrepreneurs:

  1. Weak personality.
  2. Loner syndrome.
  3. Too little financial backing.
  4. No plans.
  5. Vague business.

The above-mentioned things are the main causes of entrepreneur failure but;

As a young entrepreneur, you have to know that business opportunity is an attracting investment idea that provides profit to the investor or the risk bearer.

Every entrepreneur needs a good business opportunity in their day-to-day business activities in order to avoid business failure, most especially, mastering the above 5 killer factors that has been the causes of entrepreneurial failure.

  • Customer’s need 
  • Product must be competitive 
  • Profit 
  • Meet objectives 

Reasons for generating business ideas so as to do create a unique reputation for your business.


  • In order to stay ahead of competition
  • To be in turn with latest technology 

SWOF analysis: SWOT stands for Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunity and Treat.

‣ Strength are the entrepreneur strong hold.

‣ Weakness implies short coming.

‣ Opportunity are possible areas of exploration.

‣ Treats are these things that are obstacle to the wheel of progress such as competitors.

Business Plan 

A business plan is a plan designed to translate business ideas into action.

Why you should write a business plan

  1. It provide guidance 
  2. It helps to focus ideas
  3. It helps you manage the business 
  4. It is a strong communication tools
  5. It saves time 

And before writing a business plan, make sure you are familiar with the type of plan you want to write about. To make things easy for you, below are some of business plans of which you can choose any that suits your type of business.

Types of plan that may be part of business opportunity:

  1. Financial plan 
  2. Marketing Plan 
  3. Sales Plan 
  4. Production planning 
  5. Operation plan.

The model of business plan 

We start writing a business plan after we have decided to start or go into business such as:

  1. Obtaining all the necessary information.
  2. Making decisions in each question.
  3. Determining what further information needed to be gathered to answer all the questions.

How To Organize A Business Plan

A business plan should be organized to:

  1. Carry a cover page.
  2. Table of contents.
  3. Executive summary.
  4. Business Description.
  5. Marketing plan.
  6. Organization plan.
  7. Operational plan.
  8. Financial plan.

Component (Make Up) Of a Business Plan that every young entrepreneur should put into consideration during his/her business plan:

  1. The executive summary
  2. The objective of your business plan 
  3. Marketing plan 
  4. Over head chargers 
  5. Machinery 
  6. Material 
  7. Flexibility 

Take your time to review this list and take an in depth evaluation of yourself. According to forbes, Entrepreneur failure is a teacher because “it teaches important lessons about how to be successful”.

Causes of Entrepreneur Failure: Final Words

Don’t be discomfited if you are a victim of all these mistakes. The solution now is to try to do something

about them.

Failure is normal as an entrepreneur, so if your business fails, it doesn’t mean you’re a failure but you should try and learn from other famous entrepreneur, know what was their mistakes and avoid them at all cost!.

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