5 Practical Tips on How to Use Social Proof in Marketing On YouTube

We are aware that YouTube is gradually becoming a significant method of advertising products and services. Therefore, it is essential to rake up video views and subscribers on YouTube to increase your business’s popularity online. There are a couple of methods a video can garner views, but this article focuses on the use of social proof to drive views.

What is social proof? Robert Cialdini first used this term in his book on persuasion and marketing, and he defined it as a psychological and social occurrence when people copy others’ behavior or action in a particular situation. This is a regular phenomenon in our daily lives, especially with the increase in social media use.

5 Practical Tips on How to Use Social Proof in Marketing On YouTube

In 1968, three social psychologists Stanley Milgram, Leonard Bickman, and Lawrence Berkowitz, successfully carried out an experiment named the pedestrian test. This test proved the effect of social proof on humans. Details of the test can be found here. Despite the number of between 1968 and now, social proof still has the same effect till now. Like the sky gazing experiment conducted in 1968, the same result is obtained today from YouTube videos. People tend to watch a video with more views than a similar video with lesser views. With this knowledge, new YouTube channel owners or channel owners with an unimpressive number of views can tap into the social proof advantage by purchases cheap views on Socialboss to encourage other visitors to the site to develop an interest in their videos.

Businesses have used the Social proof phenomena to devastating effect, thereby improving their sales, increase business credibility, and boost their popularity among the populace. Users on YouTube have also followed the trend set by marketers in utilizing social proof in raising their number of subscribers and views, which has proven to be very effective.

There are a couple of ways to enjoy the benefits of social proof, which in turn will lead to an increase in video views and subscribers for YouTube channels. Five tips will be explored in this article; they are:

  • Hide Number Of Subscribers;
  • Popularity On Other Social Media Platform Should Be Revealed To Viewers;
  • Buying Views of Real YouTube Users;
  • Being Recommended By Already Famous YouTube Channel Owners;
  • Being Recommended By Influential Figures.

1. Hide Number Of Subscribers

This seems like a very unnecessary step to take in having significant video views, but when the social proof effect it has is considered, it becomes clear why hiding the number of subscribers when they are not yet much could make a lot of difference. Like the first point, when people see a channel with a minimal amount of subscribers, they tend to be uninterested in viewing or subscribing to such a channel, unlike when the channel has many subscribers. A small number of subscribers will mean unimpressive work to them, which would dampen the chances of more people subscribing to such YouTube channels and make them uninterested in watching videos from such channels.

2. Popularity On Other Social Media Platform Should Be Revealed To Viewers

When the owner of a new YouTube channel is popular on some other Social Media app or website and reveals that to his/her followers, that could quickly boost the chances of getting more views and subscribers as potential subscribers would assume that for the owner to get famous on that Social Media website, then he/she has something exciting to offer.

3. Purchasing Views of Real YouTube Users

This is a sure way of raising YouTube video views in a very short while. When people come across a video with an impressive amount of views they will be more interested in opening the video to find out what exactly made so many people view it, they will think it must have something special in it. On the other hand, when the video has a mediocre amount of views, they will feel uninteresting and not feel the need to view it. Besides, purchasing views from real YouTube users is legal enough not to harm your channel as it doesn’t violate YouTube’s policies.

4. Being Recommended By Already Famous YouTube Channel Owners

Getting recommendations from already established and popular channel owners is something that could also cause a drastic rise in the number of views and subscribers a YouTube channel owner can get. Such people already have a massive amount of following, and their viewer trusts them, so when they mention a YouTube channel or a Video to view, it is sure their subscribers will have a look, thereby causing a sharp increase for the recommended channel. It is necessary to note that finding a famous YouTube channel owner in a similar field as the channel being promoted will yield a better result.

5. Being Recommended By Influential Figures

This is another social proof that can be used to increase the views on YouTube. When a celebrity with a massive following on any social media platform recommends a YouTube channel or video to their fans, there is definitely going to be a rise in the number of subscribers and viewers as people would think that for the public figure to recommend the channel then they are sure to benefit greatly from it.

In conclusion, when used in combination with one another, these tips will lead to an increase in the number of YouTube viewers for any channel, which in turn will yield more engagements, which is the dream of a YouTube channel owner. Some of these tips would cost money to implement, but the benefits will far outweigh the cost when put side by side in the long run.

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