5 Reasons to Make your Training Courses Mobile Responsive

Mobile Responsive: The task of developing courses for specific devices became very daunting and which is why new methods were taken up and responsive design came

As mobile devices were on a rise, the developers were forced to develop different versions of websites so that they could run smoothly on any target device. However, as the types of devices increased even more, it became even more difficult to make so many versions of the same thing and also maintain them at the same time for each and every type of device. The task of developing courses for specific devices became very daunting and which is why new methods were taken up and responsive design came as a savior in this situation.

Here are the reasons to make your training courses mobile responsive;

Mobile Responsive


More inclusive; larger learner base

One very big chunk of the younger population is joining the workforce and it doesn’t want to be sitting on the desk at all times. They are highly adaptable and they do not take the backfoot when it comes to adapting to their job requirements and clients as well. Such adaptability makes their usual routine more scattered and it becomes impossible for them to be idle against a screen for long hours and take courses.

However, this adaptable, robust workforce usually find mobile devices like smartphones and tablets more convenient as these devices offer them the scope to learn on the go and multi-task very efficiently. This younger generation of the workforce has grown around mobile devices and usually use them to manage their whole life. Thus, making a mobile responsive training course can be a better idea for this learner base.

Accessibility at all times

Mobile responsive courses give the learners the power to choose when and where they want to take up the courses and train themselves. Having multiple devices is a common thing these days as it helps people multitask and waste no time at all. If your course is designed to be mobile responsive, the learner can access it at any place during any time of the day. Thus, the training courses are assessed from different devices at different times before it is done. For example, a learner might start their course on their laptop, learn from their mobile phones while on the go and then again take the rest of the course on their tablet while at home casually.

Learning benefits

Responsive designs eradicate the whole aspect of worrying if the course will run on a specific device or not while leaving the learner to actually take the courses more than worry about running them. For the business learners who complete the training course on multiple devices at different times and places, this responsiveness is a blessing. So when the course runs smoothly and gives the learner a good experience of learning, the learner feels more motivated to keep learning. It also helps the learner remember what they learnt and use it for practical purposes.

Low development costs

Mobile responsive courses are cheaper to develop as you do not really need to make courses specifically for each and every device. You are only required to develop the course once on one medium and it will run equally on every device which is how there is a minimal need of development as the course is only developed once.

Instead of worrying about technical specifications of every possible version, the developers can be concentrating on developing better and more impactful courses.

Easier maintenance

When there are different versions of your course for different devices, you need to update them all one by one separately. This takes more resources like money, time and effort. However when there is only one master version that runs on every device, you only have to make changes to that one program which makes it pretty easier to maintain the programs.


Mobile responsive courses can offer a lot of benefits. It has a lot more potential than people realise as the industry of mobile devices is expanding pretty quickly.

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