5 Smart Ways to Use the Footer Design to your Advantage

Every e-commerce website is developed and run to market a product or service. And as a result, they can get the Return on Investment (ROI) and have a profitable venture. It is easier said than done as most businesses in a big city find it difficult even to break-even. The calculation of how you would eventually get some profit after investing a specific amount and in how much time. What is the realistic time to get the desired ROI is the question for the top management of any company to answer.

Starting a business in Dubai is akin to taking a risk. While there are chances that you can succeed and earn huge profit, chances of failure are always on the horizon too. The reason is simple; if you can’t woo your target audience with a certain period, you will run out of cash to run your business and market it. Ecommerce ready website and a great design is the requirement for any business and a company offering web design company dubai can be your savior.

Apart from many other website features, the apt use of a footer can be exceptional in making things perfect for you in terms of attention from the target market. If you want to adopt strategies that are right on the money, the following are the top 5 in this concern which you can incorporate for best results.

1. What’s in Your Mind?

In the very beginning, you have to decide what you want from your footer page in terms of ROI. Do you want a secondary qualification page or at trying to add an extra layer to offer some more services features? Surely the footer is one way to get the attention of your visitors, but you need to be unique in innovative here. Not every visitor would scroll down to the very bottom to see what is there in the footer section so I need to make it attractive enough.

The designed place great role in making a footer work for you. Let’s think about it this way, while your about us and company info page will offer very good information, in the footer section you can add something that can get the attention off the visitor right away. Seamless user experience will be enough for your visitors to think of your photo as not something at the end of the page but something they can relate to and that offers them valuable options that they can relate to.

2. Include the Vital Information

This is where you have to put all the information that is necessary for an E-commerce website. This may include All the privacy policies, copyright notices and disclosures that you need to inform your prospective customers. While you can have a separate page for this, including them in your footer can be a good ploy and you need to think about it.

One good reason for including the information above in your footer is that not every visitor will visit all your pages. If he starts browsing your homepage, he will come to the footer even if he hasn’t seen the whole page in its entirety. In this way, your prospective visitor will see the information related to the privacy policy and copyright notices, for example. This will be deemed as the work of a professional company having all the requirements of a genuine and authentic business, rather than an amateurish work of fresh college graduates out of curiosity and fun.

3. Secondary Call to Action

While the call to action buttons are placed on the landing page and the top half of the home page, a second call-to-action button can work wonders for your business. There are chances that a visitor may be in a hurry and have skipped past your CTA on both the places mentioned before. The secondary call to action right at the end of the page will make sure a visitor looks at what you are trying to offer him throughout the page.

An inline contact form or offering a mega deal, which is only valid for a few days or hours, can be enticing enough for most visitors. And if the visitors are looking for a product coupled with such a deal, you can hit the jackpot here. This can be termed as mirroring your call to action taglines and buttons. Another way is to mention your round the clock customer support number or one which can be accessed by them without much hassle.

4. Organize the Footer Logically

While there is no hard and fast rule to make things work for you when it comes to the footer, organizing them in a logical order will have good consequences for sure. Without much effort, you can easily organize your footer logically way with all the items paired and segmented neatly. If your visitors can find the information they are looking for without fuss, things can be interesting for you in the near future.

5. Social Media Icons

Social media apps and platforms can get the attraction of your prospective visitors in a jiffy. You may think that there are many aspects for which a social media icon right at the end of the page is not the ideal place. It must be right at the top so that any visitor not in a mood to visit your website, will go to your social media websites for sure. But there is another scenario you need to think about.

If your visitor is not in a mood to visit your website in its entirety, he may skip to the bottom to see if there is anything interesting. It’s a common thing we all do, skip to the bottom of the page if we haven’t found anything worth looking at before leaving the website for good. And in the footer, a visitor of yours will find a link to your YouTube channel where you have uploaded interesting videos. You never know where you can get a lead for your next sale.

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