5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Vizilok Toilet Lock With Indicator

Greetings! Today we are going to make a review
of toilet indicator locks
we received fromVizilok online shop that
successfully designs privacy indicator locks for many years and has many of
positive users’ reviews. Today we got a delivery from them that contains three
toilet locks with occupancy indicator to review, they available for
purchase at https://vizilok.com/collections/toilet-indicator-locks.

Let us get down to the

Vizilok Toilet Locks Appearance

First of all, it is worth mentioning that
toilet indicator locks by Vizilok have a very original appearance that you will
never mix up with another brand or manufacturer. Just have a glance at one of
them from the package and you’ll never forget this design.


Its design has a variety of finishes for every
customers’ taste, among them you will find toilet locks with Satin Nickel
finish, locks with Oil-Rubbed Bronze levers, Antique Brass door lever, etc.
Their locks come with both right-handed and left-handed levers and can be
non-reversible and reversible. One thing about Vizilok toilet locks can be
said for sure – is that
this lock manufacturer appreciates the esthetic part of indicator door locks
design. Each detail truly fits the interior of the private area of the office
or wherever they are about to be installed. Let’s move straight to another

Toilet indicator locks by Vizilok are easy to install and they always
fit the surface

Our team always dreamed of bringing something
special to the private area of our office, so after making some pics of the
unpacking we moved right to mounting those locks to the toilet doors. We were
amazed by the simplicity of installing such locks – only a screwdriver is
needed to complete the installation. We’ll live a link to Vizilok official
YouTube channel where you can follow the installation process: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D9I7uHP-W80.

Due to its good-looking finishes that come in
multiple variants on their website – the lock looks modern and fits the
interior of almost any place. This is really what our office missed all this

They ensure the privacy of the restroom in public spaces of offices

It goes without saying that everyone faces
disturbances in the private area of the office. Vizilok toilet locks helped us
to solve this problem once and for all because of the occupancy indicator on
every toilet indicator lock.


Clear VACANT/IN-USE indicator shows the
appreciation not only for employees but also for clients and guests of the

Vizilok managed to make their locks multi-purposed

In the delivery, we received toilet indicator
locks of three types that satisfy the purposes of different people and
different places. There are ADA compliant commercial indicator lock, heavy duty
indicator lock, and a toilet door lock with vandal resistant entrance lever
that ships with mounting hardware. All of them are available at https://vizilok.com/collections/toilet-indicator-locks
and you can check
the prices right


High-class service for customers

There can be no doubt that we needed some help
before buying indicator locks, so we decided to ask directly Vizilok manager
what locks would fit our place the most. Their manager is very experienced and
gave us a few advice on how to choose the most suitable toilet door lock with
indicator. It is worth pointing out that locks come with a year warranty on all

Hope this information will be useful for those
who chose to take care of privacy for their team and customers. Our team
recommends Vizilok privacy indicator locks!

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