5 Things You Should Do While You’re In San Diego


If you’re visiting San Diego anytime soon, you
might be wondering what you should do while you’re there. After all, the city
is known for having amazing weather so you should definitely get outdoors and
enjoy it, right? Check out these tips to learn what you should do while you’re
visiting San Diego.

Go To The Beach

San Diego sits right up against the Pacific
Ocean, so the beach is a definite must-see. Keep in mind, the currents on the
West Coast are strong so swimming might not be a good idea. That doesn’t mean
you can relax on the beach, listening to the waves crash against the shore,
while you’re enjoying the sunny weather. You can also take long walks on the
beach and look for seashells along the way. And, if you’re trying to save
money while traveling
, taking advantage of
free activities, like the beach, is a great idea.

If you prefer a beach that’s pretty pristine,
Coronado Beach is the one you should visit. Mission Beach and Pacific Beach
aren’t quite as pristine, but they are both popular options because they are
close to various attractions and amenities.

Go To The Casino

If you want to spend an evening out on the town,
consider doing a quick internet search for the best casino in San Diego.
Casinos offer much more than gambling. If you aren’t a fan of playing cards or
slots, look for a casino that offers live music, a dance club, or a nice bar.
It’s totally possible to have a great time at a casino without gambling.

Try An Authentic
Street Taco

One of the best things about San Diego is that,
because it’s so close to Mexico, it’s easy to find authentic Mexican street
tacos. Street tacos are different than other tacos you’ll find because they are
made on a smaller, soft tortilla, and they aren’t packed with a lot of extra
toppings like cheese and lettuce. Instead, they are filled with simple
ingredients, like seasoned pork or chicken, and avocado.

Check Out The Sights

There are a lot of things
you can see and do
while you’re in San
Diego. The city is home to two highly interactive military and maritime
museums. You can also take a guided tour of the city or a guided boat tour to
see the city from the water. If you have the time, consider taking a guided
walking tour of Carlsbad Village or tour Balboa Park.

If you prefer taking in the history of cities
you’re visiting, Old Town San Diego is the perfect place for you. The long
stretch of restored shops and houses sit on the grounds of the first European
settlement in California.

If you’re traveling with kids or enjoy animals,
consider visiting the San Diego Zoo and Safari Park. The 100-acre zoo is one of
the most famous zoos in the United States because it houses one of the largest
collections of rare and endangered animals (including giant pandas) in the

Watch The Sunset At
Sunset Cliffs

Located nine miles west of San Diego, Sunset
Cliffs spans 68 acres. The dramatic sandstone cliffs make a brilliant backdrop
for a romantic sunset watching session. The area also has a lot of walking
trails and is home to several beaches popular with local surfers. So hang out
and watch the surfers hang 10 or take a hike along the trails to admire some of
the untouched, local vegetation.

Ultimately, you’ll find tons of things to see
and do when visiting
San Diego
so you should choose
the options that appeal to you the most. And remember–don’t try to cram too
much into one day, take the time to enjoy your trip instead!

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