5 Ways To Clean Home Exteriors

Clean Home Exteriors: Different homes feature a wide variety of materials used in the exterior to make the property look attractive and sturdy at the same time.

Different homes feature a wide variety of materials used in the exterior to make the property look attractive and sturdy at the same time. Just like the features inside your house, these exterior components also need upkeep from time to time. Your home might suffer from the effects of accumulated dirt due to harsh weather, debris, fallen leaves, dust, and other external factors. Hence, it’s best to clean your home exterior using the proper techniques.

Similar to any cleaning activity, you need to be methodical in cleaning the outside of your home. This will enable you to ensure you won’t miss a spot on your siding, gutters, and even your roof. Knowing the right way to clean your home exterior extensively will help you maintain your property and prevent major issues from developing.

Clean Home Exteriors


Use the following tips to clean your home exteriors:

    1. Pressure Wash Your Home’s Exteriors

One of the best ways you can clean the exterior part of your house is by using a pressure washer. If you don’t have one, you can always ask for help from reliable pressure washing Metairie services. This is a versatile cleaning method, which makes it a popular choice. Although you probably can perform this task by yourself, pressure washing services are best if you haven’t cleaned your home’s exterior in a long time. They have the right equipment, tools, and technique to get all the debris and dirt off the external parts of your house.

However, if you intend to do it yourself because you have the skills and experience to effectively use a pressure washer—and if you wash your home’s exterior regularly—make sure to apply the following tips:

  • Your washer must be set to the correct pressure setting if you wish to clean your exterior sidings safely. The appropriate setting for different types of sidings depends on the material used.
  • When pressure washing your sidings, be on the lookout for other particles such as mold, moss, or algae that have accumulated.
  • While you’re at it, it’s best to pressure wash all exterior areas, including the sidewalk, driveway, patio, and porch of your home.

    2. Clean Your Deck

With your pressure set to the medium setting, you can effectively clean your deck. However, when washing the deck, make sure not to spray on the same spot for a long time as this may damage the surface. Keep the spray moving. Finally, add applying wood reserve on your deck as one of your home improvement projects if you want to keep ensure that its condition will last.

    3. Clean Your Windows

Cleaning the exterior side of your windows can be tedious. Regardless of the weather in your locality, it would help if you carried out this chore at least twice a year. You don’t want to decrease your home’s curb appeal as this will affect your home value. Cleaning your windows more frequently is probably necessary if you live near the highway or a dirt road. Squeegees and warm soapy water are sufficient for cleaning windows. Ensure to start from the top and move your way to the bottom so that you can prevent unsightly streaks.

    4. Clear The Gutters Of Debris

The majority of homeowners don’t consider gutter maintenance to be a vital part of home exterior cleaning. Some do this only when it’s too late and the gutters have already been severely damaged. If the gutters aren’t well maintained, it can lead to roof and siding damage. Hence, you should thoroughly clean and inspect your gutters at least once a year. Identifying damage early on will help you solve it before it worsens, in turn saving you more costs for repair or replacement.

When cleaning gutters, you should remove any accumulated debris and clear out any obstructions. Using portable brooms or scoops, you can simply sweep the debris, dirt, mud, or fallen leaves. You can also use a garden hose to clean out the downspouts and gutters if the residue remains after clearing your gutters.

    5. Remove Dirt And Stains On Your Pavement

There are instances when your driveway or garage concrete floor will be stained. Fluids from vehicles, like antifreeze and grease, can leave stains on concrete. And like any other concrete surface, you should also expect rust, mildew, fungus, and molds on your pavement. To clean your driveway or garage floor, remove the stains first. A drying agent can be applied to the stains to remove them. Let it sit for a day and then scrub it with any cleaning solution right after.

There’s so much to do inside your house that it’s easy to forget to clean the exterior as well. However, a deep cleaning might be all you need to boost your property’s curb appeal and increase your home value. Whether you’re planning to move out or just enjoy a good-looking house, this guide in cleaning your home exterior will help you.

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