5 Ways To Keep Your Employees Motivated


The aim should be to reassure employees that they matter and give them a chance to recharge the batteries.

Keeping individual employees motivated and excited about their teamwork is key to improved performance, more productivity and a higher bottomline.

So, what are the 5 top ways you can keep your employees motivated?

Focus On Happiness, Not Productivity Or Performance

The route to better productivity, performance and higher bottomlines goes through happiness.

An employee who’s content will perform far better than someone who’s thinking about productivity and bottomlines.

Take Tony Hsieh’s approach to managing his company Zappos. His approach hinges on keeping employees fulfilled. For example, staff meetings provide employees with opportunities with every opportunity to express themselves and can include things as varied as live music to real life animals.

Give Opportunities For Teams To Bond Outside Of Work

It’s the human connections that motivate the entire team to work together and pull everybody up.

One good way is to organize events outside the office where teams can bond with each other, for example team building events.

These kinds of events give an opportunity to the entire team to come closer and see the non-official side of their team members.

Ensure Employees Have A Stake In The Company’s Success

You can understand that I’m referring to positive encouragement here, not ‘you’re fired if we don’t have a 20% rise in our bottomline’ kind of stake.

One of the best ways is to have a variable pay component that depends on the success of the firm as a whole.

This gives the entire workforce the motivation to really immerse themselves in the firm’s fight to succeed.

But Do Ensure That Money Isn’t The Only Stake

The mortgage crisis that was at the heart of the Great Recession showed the dangers of variable pay being the sole determinant of someone’s stake in the firm’s success.

There are two, better, ways to do it

  • Make the benefit or bonus dependent on a long term metric, rather than immediate results.
  • Hand out alternative benefits, like flexible work arrangements, provided you show results

Don’t Stop At Asking Employees For Feedback

If you’re not already asking employees, do that immediately.

However, how successful you are at motivating employees depends on whether you actually take note of that feedback.

In fact, not even that – for successful employee motivation, you need to show employees that you are listening to them and that you are sympathetic to their grievances.

To Sum Up, The Top 5 Ways To Keep Your Employees Motivated In 2020 And Beyond Are

  • Focus on happiness
  • Give opportunities to bond
  • Ensure employees have a stake in the firm’s success
  • Ensure that money isn’t the only stake
  • Listen to your employees’ grievances and assure them that you’re sympathetic to them
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