5 Ways to Personalize Your Home Using Items from Your Wedding

Wedding: Your wedding day is among the most important celebrations in your lifetime, as it should be. After all, it’s not every day that you get to marry the person you love most in the world! Now that everything has settled down some following your ceremony, reception, and honeymoon, it’s time to ‘feather your nest’ by making your new house feel more like home. There are many ways to do just that, but some of the most creative ideas come from using items from the wedding.

The following five ways to personalize your home using items from your ceremony and reception serve as inspiration as you choose a theme for the various rooms inside your house. You’ll be able to include important glimpses into your wedding day and relationship as a couple by considering the suggestions below.

1: Incorporate your bouquet and floral arrangements on tables, mantles, and shelves.

Dried and fake flowers can become a permanent fixture inside your home. You just need to decide where to display your bouquet and floral arrangements. If you place them into vases of various heights, you’re able to put more than one batch of flowers in the same location. You’ll create a lot of visual interest in the floral arrangements by being strategic in the placement of them.

2: Get creative with your leftover invitations.

If you have a lot of wedding invitations with photos leftover, find an interesting way to display them. Make them the focus of your next craft project. Maybe you can decoupage them onto a wooden box to create a permanent keepsake for your living room or bedroom. Before pitching them into the recycling bin, think of the various uses you can have for the leftover invites.

3: Display your favorite photos on a wall you’ve devoted to family.

If you hired a professional photographer to capture the spirit of your wedding day celebration, you’d have plenty of pictures to choose from instantly. Have the best photos blown up into larger prints that you frame or turn into canvases for your new family wall. Adding to the photo arrangement throughout the years can be a lot of fun for you and your spouse. Don’t be afraid to get creative with your approach to hanging and displaying the pictures.

4: Keep photo books of your ceremony, reception, and honeymoon on your coffee table and side tables.

It’s a great conversation starter and something you’ll look forward to seeing throughout the years. Everyone that comes to your home can pick up a book and flip through it to see the photos that were taken on your special day. It’s one of the easiest ways to decorate your new home with intention. The books hold a lot of sentimental value that you’ll appreciate more as you get older.

5: Have your wedding dress and tuxedo turned into different objects that you can display prominently.

A lot of people hang onto their wedding garments only to donate them later in life. Rather than take up space in your closet, why not have a seamstress or tailor refashion the dress and tuxedo into curtains, a tablecloth or pillow coverings. It may seem odd considering the money you spend on your attire, but it gives the material a new lease on life. It also puts yet another personal touch on the room that you’re busy decorating.

Infuse Love into Your Home

Your home is among the most comfortable places you’ll spend time together as a couple. It provides your relationship with a strong foundation for growth, sharing, and investing, too. The more love you put into the projects you do around the house, the more value the property has overall.

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