6 Secret Car Care Tips – Count Them!

A recent statistic of 2020 revealed that Australia has 19.8 million registered motor vehicles. So, if you are a car owner and you are obsessed with your vehicle, you are going to love these tips!

1. Brush the Cloudy Headlights

Road Safety is something that must always be your top priority. The headlights and taillights of a car play an important role to keep up with the road rules. So, if your headlights are working, you are in a good place.

Still, in many cars, it is seen that the headlights start to become cloudy. It can be because of a lot of reasons – moisture, change in temperature, scratches, etc.

So, are you looking for a solution to this syndrome? Well, there is an easy one and all you will need is a toothbrush! Of course, not the one you use for brushing your teeth. You can use some toothpaste and brush your car’s headlights well. It will keep them shiny, and you will never find a cloudy headlight, again!

2. Get rid of the scratches with nail paint.

When you get a scratch on your car, you should think about the fight later, and worry about what to do with the scratch. I am sure that you can go for a makeover with new paint. However, for a minor scratch, it may be expensive and pointless. So, what can you do with a minor scratch?

You can easily use some nail paint of the same color, as your car and use it to paint over the scratch. This is quite an economical option and can give you the slack till you paint your car, again!

3. Did you know Plungers can be a great help with a dent on your car?

Plunger doors were not meant for plumbing only. Well, if you have a small bump on your car door or there is a dent on the sides of your car, you can use the plunger and pull the dent outward. This will save you time and unwanted visits to the car repair store!

4. Keep your windshield clean with a razor blade

Can’t seem to find a solution with droppings? Well, if you are rushing to an important meeting, and you are late for a car wash, you need a single-edged razor blade. With a razor blade, you can easily get rid of bird droppings and clean your windshield. If you are scared that it will leave a scar, do not worry.

A single-edged razor will never leave a scratch behind and it will clean the windshield completely. Just make sure to wipe the windshield off with a clean cloth after you have used the razor to clean the affected area.

5. If you have foggy windshields, shaving foam can clean it!

Foggy windshields frustrate most car owners. It does not only make the car look old but it also gives a torn look to the car. There’s also a home remedy alternative to this situation. You can use shaving foam, the one you use for your grooming, and you will need a clean cloth to wipe the windshield and mirrors.

When you use these two, you can easily bid goodbye to foggy windshields. Stop being a hazard to road safety and try it already. Many car owners prefer clean air inside the car and also opt for replacing cabin air filters.

6. The key to making windows sparkle – newspaper.

Do you love the look of your new car? With the windows sparkling and fresh paint, every car user wants to keep it in the same condition forever.

Well, if you also want to keep your car windows just like they are now, I have a tip. For this, you will need a newspaper, 2 cups of water, a quarter cup of vinegar, and a tablespoon of liquid soap.

The best part of the newspaper is that the ink teams up with the paper to act as a light abrasive, and when you spray the solution and wipe the windows, you can easily get rid of all spots. This makes your windows spotless, and shiny.

A survey showed that more than 51% of the Australian households had access to 2 or more motor vehicles. So, apply these tips well, if you want to keep your car in a good condition for longer periods.

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