Best 23 6Movies Alternatives Websites to Watch Movies and TV Shows Online

6Movies has become one of the most popular ways to watch movies and TV shows online. With the rise of streaming platforms, it can be difficult to know which one to choose. 6Movies is a popular streaming platform, but there are many alternatives that offer a great selection of content with similar or HD qualities.

If you’re looking for ways to stream movies and TV shows online for free, 6Movies is one of the best options. However, if you’re tired of too many pop-ups and redirects or want to try out some other sites like 6Movies net that offer similar features, here are some 6Movies alternatives that are worth checking out.

Best Sites like 6Movies to Watch Movies and TV Shows Online

1. Movie4K

Movie4Kto site likes 123movies (sites like 6Movies)

Movie4k is without a doubt the best alternative to, as it is one of the biggest free movie websites where you can watch online movies.

In addition to movies, it has TV shows and content for adults. It’s free, and you don’t have to sign up for it. You can watch movies online and get the fastest streaming speeds. You can choose from comedy, action, adventure, classic, and many other types of movies.

Each entry will have relevant information like genre, rating, length, IMBD, year of release, and cast, which helps the user decide which movie to stream. This site, like 6Movies, has different streaming links with different quality.

2. SolarMovie

SolarMovie CineBloom Alternatives

SolarMovie is like 6Movies in that it lets you watch free movies and TV shows online. The service lets you watch shows in HD format without having to sign up.

It has ratings from users and information about each movie, which makes it easier to choose the right one to watch. This alternative to 6Movies also has a forum where people can share and talk about their thoughts on movies and TV shows.

At the moment, is where the SolarMovie website is run. But this could change quickly because groups that try to stop piracy are always on the lookout for ways to stop streaming websites.

3. LookMovies

LookMovies is another site like 6Movies. LookMovies is the only site on the list where you can legally and for free use streaming services. It has ads on its website to make money.

It has one of the biggest and fastest-growing lists of free movies and TV shows.

4. LosMovies

Next on the list of sites like 6Movies is Los Movies. Here, you can watch free HD movies without having to sign up or pay. It uses ads to make money, just like other free movie sites.

You can search for movies and TV shows by genre, director, country of origin, actor, and more. Go to that section and press the “Search” button to find your favorite artist, director, genre, and other things.

For example, when we go to the section for Directors, we can type “Christopher Nolan” to find movies he has directed.

There are about 6 servers where you can watch free movies and TV shows. One server’s stream didn’t work? Don’t worry, just pick a different one from the list below the player.

With their most recent update, they now offer movie torrents for the one you are watching as well. Go to a page that lists movies or TV shows and look above the list of servers to find the Torrent Links tab.

5. Fmovies

We now have a site where you can watch movies for free that doesn’t need any introduction. Fmovies has been a good alternative to 6Movies for a long time.

On top of the movie and TV show thumbnails, there is also a note about the quality. It can be both HD and SD.

Their search filters make it easy to find any movie or TV show. You can look for movies and TV shows in HD, SD, and CAM quality.

People like us who watch foreign shows with subtitles will definitely find the dedicated settings to be a nice touch.

You can choose from 9 different fonts, the amount of transparency, the size, the color of the background, and more.

6. StreamDor

This is a legal alternative to 6Movies, unlike the ones that came before. It has movies that can be found on YouTube.

You can watch free movies, documentaries, cartoons, and street music without worrying about the site being blocked.

Since the videos are already on YouTube, there isn’t much chance that they will be taken down. You won’t have to wait for the server to catch up in any situation.

On the site, you can watch many new movies for free. Use the search bar to find them and start watching movies right away.

In the “My list” section, where you don’t need an account, you can also make a list of the movies you want to watch. It uses cookies from your browser to remember what you’ve watched.

Altogether, StreamDor has more than 17,000 movies that you can watch for free.

7. MovieNinja

MovieNinja has a lot of HD movies and TV shows in its library. On the listing page, you can find out everything you need to know about the content.

There is the movie’s IMDb rating, its cast, its director, and its country. We get one server where we can watch free movies.

We liked the suggestion feature a lot. Every day on the homepage, it suggests some good movies.

For the last four years, this alternative to 6Movies has had sections for the best movies and TV shows. You can look through them to find shows and movies to watch.

As for the subtitles, they are not on the website, which is a shame. You can also watch it while looking for other movies on the website by using the “picture-in-picture” mode.

8. The Internet Archive

The Internet Archive is an American virtual library with the stated objective of “unlocking the key to the knowledge”. It offers free public access to electronic collections of material, which include websites, programs, movies/ videos, music, e-mail, and millions of archived books. The Internet Archive’s mission is to make the world more accessible to people all around the world. The project was launched in late 1995 as a way to support scholars in developing new methods of digital research.

The Internet Archive movie categories could be one of the best 6Movies Alternatives to watch series online for free legally.

One of the remarkable capabilities offered by the Internet Archive is the “galley”, which allows users to flip through a series of web pages for the topics of interest on a single page. This allows the user to skip to specific information, irrespective of the position of the page within the website. Also available are search functions for locating specific subject matter or keywords. One can easily browse through the thousands of online resources organized into the internet archive according to various categories such as business, culture, politics, technology, medicine, education, literature, etc. Several organizations and individuals have made contributions to the internet archive, particularly to expand its scope and increase its accessibility to the general public.

One of the most popular categories is the Special Collections, Live Music Archive, which houses over one million audio files of different types. These include music genres, artists, songs, original soundtracks, interviews, demos, collections, and more. The Special Collections archive is extremely easy to browse. The Live Music Archive even has a “search by genre” option for those people who do not know the kind of music they want to hear. Another fascinating feature of the Internet Archive’s Special Collections is its interactive features. Users may create collections based on various criteria, such as date, title, artist, and so on.


MLWBD best 6Movies alternatives

MLWBD offers streaming on both web browsers and mobile phones, allowing you to watch wherever you are. Apart from delivering free movies and TV episodes, as one of the best 6Movies alternatives, it also meticulously categorizes movies into genres such as Action, Adventure, Comedy, Animated, Documentary, and many others.

MLWBD, which is dedicated to streaming free material, refreshes popular movies on a regular basis, and you can see what’s new right from the main menu. However, because this free movie streaming service may not be available everywhere, you may view its free material by using a VPN.

10. Vudu

Vudu - Watch Movies & TV Online

Vudu is the finest free movie streaming service for your multimedia requirements, with a large selection of movies, TV programs, and free TV series. It also provides viewers with high-quality video and sound that is free of advertisements. Furthermore, because its genre, length, and alphabetic order restrictions are sensitive, its good search function may help you locate what you need.

Fortunately, it isn’t available in all nations and areas, so you may use VPNs to get around it.

11. Pluto TV

Pluto TV is a free website like 6Movies that allows you to view movies and TV episodes for free. Aside from its large collection of movies and TV episodes, its dependability allows you to stream safely because it does not monitor any information about its customers. The majority of the content is in HD format, so you may see it in high resolution.

It also allows you to rank the film so that viewers can quickly locate movies that are worth viewing based on the rating. Because the content comes from a variety of sources, you can get the most up-to-date information immediately.

watchserieshd ru

6Movies net watch tv shows online free

12. Popcornflix

Its name indicates that you may stream for free on it. You can view a large number of complete movies and TV programs online, similar to the 6movies app. Its superb navigation can also help you discover what you’re looking for fast. In addition, the top menu on its webpage promotes HD movies, the Latest Movies, and the Top 100 Greatest Movies of All Time to assist you in your exploration.

Popcornflix also has a vast selection of movies that are sorted by several criteria such as genre and nation. With accurate IMDb ratings and brief narrative summaries, movies are clearly labeled.

13. Yidio


Yidio is a new free video streaming site with a new idea similar to those of other pirate-streaming websites. Instead of hosting all media, Yidio only links to the original content, aggregating legal and free videos and TV shows for you to watch via the app, browser, or direct connection to your TV. As a service, it costs nothing to stream media from Yidio, and since it is not file sharing, there is no risk of viruses or malware spreading through media files that you have downloaded from their site.

Here are a few things that you should know about Yidio, as well as how to get started with the streaming revolution.

Unlike most streaming services like Hulu or Facebook Live, Yidio doesn’t allow you to upload media directly to your mobile device. Instead, you have to access the Yidio website through your web browser. This means that any media you wish to stream will need to be uploaded to your computer first, which could take a few hours depending on the speed of your connection. However, the service does make it easy for you to find and watch any media you want, whether it’s music movies, TV shows, or sports, with the simplicity of linking to an internet stream instead of to your mobile device.

14. AZ Movies

AZMovies -

AZMovies –

If you’re looking for an ad-free 6Movies alternative, AZ Movies is the way to go. It allows you to watch free movies without having to watch advertisements. GoStream features a large movie collection with everything from the newest Hollywood blockbusters to famous anime episodes.

AZ Movies, as the name implies, allows you to watch free movies at any time. You may also use the search tool to find the videos you want.

15. Openload Movies

Openload Alternatives

You don’t have to be concerned about security with Openload Movies because it allows you to watch series online for free without registering or logging in. In terms of its movie collection, it offers a wide range of selections as well as a brief synopsis of each film. It does not, however, include filters that allow you to narrow your search by genre, country, or release year.

16. Now TV

If you are looking for a series to watch and enjoy the latest movies, tv-series, dramas, sports, news and so much more, you may also subscribe to premium movie streaming services, such as Now TV, to support filmmakers’ efforts and intellectual property. If you’re a regular Amazon shopper, choosing Amazon Prime to stream can help you save money and get faster delivery.

Aside from that, you’ll have access to a massive video library, which includes Netflix originals and Now TV shows.

18. Tubi TV

Tubi is a wonderful 6Movies alternative, and no matter what kind of cartoons or series you like, you’ll find yourself coming to the site again and again. It also ensures that you get your daily dosage of new movies by updating its collection on a regular basis.

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It doesn’t have its own database, but each image is linked to one from somewhere else, giving you a variety of options for the same movie. The website’s navigation is simple and straightforward, and we didn’t come across any pop-ups or advertisements throughout our 10-minute visit.

19. MoviesPlanet

MoviesPlanet is a free movie streaming website that has a large collection of movies and TV shows. The site is legal to use, making it one of the best alternatives to 6movies website.

The website’s design is simple and straightforward, making it easy to navigate through its library of content.

20. YesMovies

YesMovies Cataz net alternative

YesMovies is a great alternative to 6movies online, and it offers a wide selection of movies and TV shows. It’s free to use, so there’s no need to pay any monthly fees.

YesMovies has an easy-to-use user interface with just two buttons: Next/Prev Page and Search. The search function works well here as well, making it easy for you to find what you want without having to sift through thousands of titles on the site.

21. Vidics

Vidics is a free movie streaming website that has a large collection of movies. The user interface is good and the selection of movies is amazing.

Vidics offers hundreds of TV shows and thousands of movies to watch online for free, so you can find something to watch no matter what your taste in entertainment may be.

22. MovieWatcher

MovieWatcher is a movie streaming site with a huge collection of movies. You can watch them online or download them for offline viewing. It has a large collection of movies in different languages, so you can enjoy your favorite movies no matter where you live or what language they speak.

MovieWatcher has movies for all age groups and genres; there are also many child-friendly categories on their website, so if your kids love cartoons but don’t want to watch PG-13-rated ones on Netflix or Hulu anymore because they get too scary then check out MovieWatcher!

23. MovieFlixter

MovieFlixter is a free movie streaming website that has a huge collection of movies and TV shows. It has a good search function to find the movie you want to watch, subtitles in different languages, and a user interface that makes it easy to use.

If you’re looking for an alternative to 6Movies or Amazon Prime Video, MovieFlixter could be the right choice for you!

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6Movies FAQs

Is 6Movies Illegal?

It is likely prohibited in certain countries owing to intellectual property protection. However, in certain countries, it falls into the murky area, and you may legally utilize 6Movies. To some extent, it is permissible as long as it is not used for commercial purposes.

Is it safe to use 6Movies on a Mac?

No, it’s not. It would put Mac in jeopardy. The best method to watch 6Movies on Mac is to use a VPN, which may make you anonymous and protect you from malware and viruses by making you anonymous.

Where can I legally watch movies online?

Hulu, Netflix, HBO, and other legal movie streaming providers offer superb streaming capabilities, but they all require a monthly membership. Fortunately, free and legal streaming sites like CrackleubiTV, Popcornflix, Viewster, and others.

Where can I get free movies similar to those seen on 6Movies net?

For your consideration, The Internet Archive, Vudu, Pluto TV,  Tubi TV, Vumoo, and Popcornflix are all 6Movies alternatives. These services, such as 6Movies, provide access to a vast library of free movies and TV series that can be watched online.

Final Thoughts

Now that you have read through this list of 6Movies alternatives, it’s time to check out the sites like 6Movies we’ve recommended. All of them are free to use and offer unlimited access to thousands of movies and TV shows. Some of them even offer original content for free!

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