7 Best Video to Audio Converter For 2020

Converting a video file to another format such as audio is not the most common and conventional of the tasks to be performed on a computer. Let’s say that there are few people who need to do this at some point in life, and even fewer are those who always do it.

However, when you need to convert a video to an audio file, it is not always a simple task to find a program that is easy to use and effective. This is because the options are varied and can be broader to the more specific, so, we have listed here some apps that stand out in this genre.

3 factors to consider:

1. Easy to use: No special skills are needed to operate the software.

2. Supported formats:
The software used must be compatible with popular formats.

3. Editing tools:
The ability of the software should not be limited to
conversion, but also must be able to make improvements to the quality of the

Check out our list of best video to audio converter softwares 2020:

1. Online Uniconverter

is the best video to audio converter so far. Working with multimedia files not only implies
their creation or editing of the material, there are also other processes that may be necessary. An example of this is in the conversion and compression of these files, considering that reducing their weight or having it in a specific format are needs that also arise in these cases. In that sense, we want to present a free and extremely useful service that will allow you to carry out these processes in a simple way and in just a couple of clicks. Its name is Online Uniconverter and it has functions to work on audio, video and image
files. Online Uniconverter makes available the possibility of performing all these processes on the same site and without registering or paying.

To start with these processes you just have to enter the website where you will receive the option to drag the file you want to work towards the interface, to load it. The options available to compress or change the format will be displayed. As for the formats that the page supports,
the list is huge and you can find the most popular video and audio formats. When configuring the options you want to apply, just click on the button to start the process and after a few seconds you can download the resulting file. The steps are really simple and only a couple of clicks will be enough to have your file compressed or in a new format.

freemake video converter

2. Format Factory

One of the most complete converters available today, Format Factory is a true
conversion factory. Here, you will find options to transform the format of any
type of video to any other extension. In addition, there are resources for
converting audio and image files, that is, nothing will remain immobile with
this program.

best video to audio converter

3. Any Video Converter

In all, Any Video Converter supports more than 100 input formats and can
transform your video to up to 106 other formats. The developers guarantee that
it is up to 30% faster than the main competitors, as well as being able to do any type of conversion without affecting the quality of the video. This app is one of the most popular and highly regarded of its kind.

any video converter

4. Media Coder

An application capable of converting videos in an advanced way, with several
customizable details during the conversion, this is Media Coder. The program
works with the main formats of the market, rips CDs and DVDs and also allows the correction of damaged audio and video files.

best video converter for windows 10

5. iTinySoft Total Video Converter

With over 150 formats supported,
iTinySoft Total Video Converter also arrives promising performance 30x faster than competitors. In addition, it brings a simple and modern interface, something essential to get in the fight with other programs of the genre, and also converts audio files.

free video to audio converter for windows 10

6. Digital Video Converter

One of the most basic options on the list, Digital Video Converter supports a much lower number of formats than the main names on this list – but that does
not mean that something is missing here, quite the opposite: the program has the main one to offer conversion in the main formats of today.

best free video converter

7. Free Studio Manager

Converting videos is just one of the many functions of Free Studio Manager. With this program, you transform the extension of your videos, but also download from the main web services (such as YouTube and Dailymotion). All of this in a minimalist interface, with information arranged in a clear and organized way.

best video to audio converter app

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