7 Popular Apps that Positively Affect Student Learning

Student Time Management

So Many Challenges Students are facing In These days Schooling is Majorly time management, They Have so many activities that they are involved in Like Lectures Or Library activities which usually get then engaged in so many activities which Time management become a challenges and After Well conducted Research and Investigation we understand that Since student life is filled with work, we suggest reviewing applications that will help you use time effectively.

1. Scanner

The app turns your phone into a scanner for documents, texts and books. It allows you to quickly check a document, print it or send it as an email as a PDF or JPEG file. What’s more, you can save PDFs to your device and open them in other applications.

2. Audiobooks

Students are asked to read a lot of literature, sometimes there is not enough time for this. The Audio Book app lets you choose, download, and listen to audiobooks on the go. So time will pass with a double benefit. Also, 70% of books are provided with a text version synchronized with the audio track. A dedicated section of the library contains free audiobooks to help you try out the format.

3. PhotoMath

Photomath is a free mobile application that uses the phone’s camera to recognize mathematical equations of varying levels of complexity and then display step-by-step moves to solve them.
This app is considered one of the most popular educational tools in the history of mobile technology. With it, you can easily study mathematics: from arithmetic to integrated equations.

Photomath was created five years ago by Croatian specialists. Since 2016, it has introduced handwriting recognition.

This application will help you to scan and instantly solve an example of any complexity, as well as, if necessary, to plot a function. But it’s not just a calculator – it can be used as a tutor because after answering, the application demonstrates steps of solving an example.

The application has built-in features for recognizing printed and handwritten formulas and editing scanned text. All of this, along with the user-friendly interface, makes Photomath an indispensable learning aid.

4. Schedule (iStudiez)

Writing down a schedule in a notebook is in the past. The iStudiez application will help you to keep yourself in tune and not to forget a thing you need to do, like the important tasks when you have to contact cheap essay writing service uk to finish your writing assignments. Here you can record tasks, and even keep track of estimates. In terms of functionality, it is a full-fledged organizer created for educational purposes. Each schedule is created for a semester, the terms of which are set by the user. For each subject, you can add small notes, the names of teachers with e-mail addresses and photos, assign homework about which the application will notify the user at a set time (for the most diligent, you can put a reminder a week before the deadline). A nice opportunity is to add “exams” to the schedule. This can be done with a simple click, select the desired item.

5. Mathway

Another very noteworthy application that will help to cope with math problems. The application is a kind of tool for solving problems, which, in addition to the school course in mathematics, covers mathematical analysis, statistics, trigonometry, linear algebra, and even chemistry. If you once used the web version of the Mathway service, you will immediately recognize the appearance and functionality of this application. Almost the same interface in the form of a messenger in which all actions take place as if in dialogue with a virtual assistant.

It is worth noting that this particular application from those considered in this article is one of the most interesting in terms of the quality of the solution. You will like that you will receive, perhaps, the most advanced step-by-step solutions to problems. A bit strange is the fact that the description indicates that to view a good solution, you need a paid subscription, although all the functionality of the application is completely free. Mathway will help you not only with solving equations, inequalities and other complex expressions but also be able to build graphs, can find the number of molecules in a certain body mass.

6. Rescue time

The program exists for both Windows and Android. Mostly people use it on their smartphones.
This application does not fight procrastination but helps to analyze it. The program calculates how much time you spent on a particular site. By the way, it does not take into account all open tabs, but only the time spent on the specific page. It also divides sites into categories, trying to analyze how much of your area you have paid attention to.

There are twelve categories:
Business; Communication & Scheduling; Social Networking; Design & Composition; Entertainment; News & Opinion; Reference & Learning; Software Development; Shopping; Utilities; Miscellaneous; Uncategorized.

All of these categories are divided into sub-categories for which you can choose the level of performance. That is, whether the sites in this subcategory are important, or, on the contrary, they are interfering.
You can add your own subcategories. But not all the users consider these functions essential. What is important to users is that they can track the sites for the day/week/month that they paid the most attention to.

7. Recordium

It would seem that you can get rid of voice recorder applications, but Recodium has one significant plus – it can highlight important points. This will further relieve the user from scrolling for almost half an hour of recorded lecture in search of the right moment. A little thing that means a lot.

Recordium is a powerful yet elegant recording application for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. It allows you to make notes when playing or recording audio, helping to focus on the key points of your audio recordings. Notes, shortcuts, or pictures can be used for any part of a recording, which makes it possible to search among a collection of sound files and to quickly search for the most important and highlighted parts of a record. You can also share your recordings with friends through Dropbox and other cloud-based applications.
The Recordium application has an intuitive interface, smooth playback and many other options for adjusting recording size and quality through various compression algorithms. These are lots of the features that make this application an essential tool for every user, especially students, journalists, and musicians.

At present, it is difficult to imagine a student who does not use a smartphone or computer and takes all information exclusively from the library. That is why we have put together a list of applications for you that will make your student years as productive as possible and facilitate your university studies.

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