7 Promotional Codes Ideas to Attract Customers

marketing channels

There are many ways to
attract the attention of buyers – discounts, gifts, free samples and much more,
but marketers do not stop generating new ideas and amaze consumers. We
studied the experience of retailers from various fields and compiled a list of
trade marketing campaigns that work.

Reducing prices is the most
common way to attract store visitors to specific products. Just like how
Reveal promo
have done it for their
offerings. However, discounts vary. Along with traditional seasonal sales,
there are quite creative promotional solutions

Old collection

The action is often found in
fashion retail. It allows not only to increase sales, but also to sell
stale goods, to receive funds and to free up space in the warehouse for new
arrivals. Larger events are also called “stock removal.” The
mechanism works well – people are ready to buy things from last year’s
collections at a discount.

Liquidation in the store of
goods for newborns.

2. Discounts for certain categories of

This model is used when you
need to attract the attention of a particular audience segment. Lots of
options – discounts for mothers with children, owners of Maltese shepherds,
senior citizens, etc. There are also more creative options – a promotion
for visitors in white or shoppers with green handbags.

3. “Friendly discounts”

This mechanism is often used
by fashion retailers. Girls like to go shopping at the company, so the “bring
a girlfriend and get a discount” marketing campaign is in demand, and the
discount depends on the number of attracted customers – 5% for one, 10% for
two, 15% for three, and so on. Another variety of such promotions –
discounts for new visitors – a regular customer passes the coupon to a friend.

4. Personal discounts

The store makes advantageous
offers to specific customers. For example, birthday men get a discount on
cake or other holiday items. The large hypermarket went even
further. Personal offers are formed on the basis of an analysis of the
purchase history. The client receives information about discounts on
products of interest to him by mail or by email.

5. Advance order

The promotion is more typical
for online retail. Orders begin to be taken when the product is not yet in
stock. To encourage customers to make a prepayment, the store reduces the
price of pre-order.

6. Discount for action on the Internet

The buyer is active – puts
likes, subscribes to groups on social networks or an e-mail newsletter, writes
reviews – and receives a favorable offer. Such actions pursue several
goals at once. They stimulate sales, increase the loyalty of the target
audience, increase the base of subscribers or the community on social networks.

7. Volume discount

One option is special offers
for those who spend a certain amount in the store one-time or
gradually. In the latter case, the buyer is offered to keep checks or a
special card is issued on which the seller marks each purchase. The client
receives a large one-time discount or bonus card. 

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