7 Skincare Tips for This Summer

7 Skincare Tips for This Summer

Summer is the season when we enjoy being outside. It’s the perfect time to hit the beaches and lakes. But what about your skin in summer? Our skin demands extra care in summer days as the sunny days of summer can be harsh on our skin. It is the time when our skincare demands seasonal change and we must focus on skincare routine to keep skin moisturized and protected from harmful sun rays.

How to do skincare in the summer? Here are some skin care tips for summer season that you must follow to keep skin healthy and glowing.

#1 Don’t forget to apply sunscreen

Stepping out without applying sunscreen is like giving an invitation to the sun to harm your skin.  Sunscreen is very important when you’re going out as it protects your skin from harmful sun rays that can cause many skin issues like brown spots, fine lines, etc.

#2  Drink more and more water

During summer days we often avoid drinking water and as a result, we get dehydrated skin and body. Dehydration in summer days is very common. So, to prevent your skin from getting dehydrated drink more and more water. A person must drink 7-8 glasses of water a day daily. Also, always keep your water bottle along with you when going out in especially in summer days. Drinking water will hydrate your body and also keep your body toxin-free.

#3 Keep your skin clean

In summer days, hot dry winds blow often accompanied by dust storms the dust gets accumulated on your skin and cause break-outs and acne. To keep your skin clean of dust, oil, and sweat in summer, splash your face with for 5-6 times daily.

#4  Healthy skin diet Intake

Diet plays a vital role in keeping your skin healthy and glowing naturally. Make healthy skin food choices and add smoothies, seasonal fruits, oranges, strawberries, mangoes, melons in your daily meal plans. It’s very important to avoid heavy oily food in the summer.

# 5 Wear Light Makeup

During summer go for the minimum makeup. In summer you sweat a lot and wearing makeup makes your skin extra oily as in hot days your skin wants to breathe but it can’t because of your makeup. So, apply only light products in summer that let your skin breathe and give you non-sticky looks.

#6 Scrub your face

All skin types need to apply scrub twice a week. Scrubbing action keeps your skin pores clean and gives you a fresh oil-free look. Scrub your skin with good products or you can prepare scrub at your home as well. 

#7 Use right Toner

Using refreshing toner in summer days is very important and must add in your skincare routine. Toner prevents oil accumulation in open pores and keeps your skin oil-free. Your face’s T-zone is the area that tends to look stickiest in summers as it secretes maximum oil in summer days. Thus, it’s very important to pay attention to this area when you’re toning your face.

These summer’s skincare tips will help you to restore your skin balance, protect you from sun heat and let you enjoy the summer season more.  Happy Summers!

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