7 ways to add more space in your kitchen

Having a hard time managing to store all your appliances and necessities in your kitchen with the space available to you? Or do you want it to occupy more of the viewer’s eye? Then you need to expand your kitchen.

kitchen space

What should you expand?

You can expand your kitchen visually, by making it appear larger, practically, by making things orderly or physically, by adding more compartments to expand the storage of your kitchen.

Expansion is a process that will give your kitchen a lot more life and room.

When it comes to kitchen renovations, different people have different reasons:

A major portion of the modern homeowners in the United States say that they renovate their kitchen because they finally obtained the financial freedom to do so, some others claim that they did this because they want to personalize it for themselves, a few simply because their kitchens broke down, and some just wanted a change of view.

Apart from these, sudden inspirations, change in family values and lifestyle changes and resale advantages were the next three reasons. (Statista)

With a larger kitchen also comes greater demands. You will have to ramp up on the maintenance of the kitchen and its appliances.

However, if you’re sure you need that upgrade in space, here are a few surefire ways to increase the space of your kitchen:

1. Orderliness:

One of the simplest ways to boost space in your kitchen is to clear out the unnecessary bits. This may be disposing of unused cutlery, foodstuff, or some other objects that you leave in your kitchen and forget to take care of.

In most kitchens, this is more than enough to increase storage space and efficient usage of goods.

Keep tabs on what comes in and goes out of your kitchen so you don’t end up with too much clutter.

2. Using hooks and trays:

If you are storing your utensils somewhere make sure it’s in a tray, this makes it a lot easier for you to store several items out of the way or stacked one inside the other, this reduces the amount of space occupied and thus, improves the organization even more.

Storing your mugs in hooks is quite an innovative idea as mugs are non-stackable items and hence cannot be placed one on top of the other, this makes them occupy a lot of space which can be solved by using hooks.

3. Add physical counter space:

You could always add physical counter space by making a counter over your cake oven, wall counters, shelf risers, and simply by using your windowsill. Surprisingly;y enough these are great ways to maximize the total space you have with little to minimal work being done.

If you aren’t a handyman, fear not, you can always ask your nearby carpenter, or a trusty interior designer to aid you.

Quite a few major companies have set up stock in Australia over recent years.

There are quite a few good companies to do your kitchen renovations Melbourne, they operate fast and efficiently with incredibly low prices, so you might want to consider them.

4. By extending your counter:

If you have a non-load-bearing wall next to where your counter is you could hire an interior decorator or expert to demolish it and use the gained real estate to add some length to your counter. Make sure you never do this yourself, as you might not know if the wall is load-bearing or if the end result will look alright.

5. Visual expansion:

For this, you might need to be a painter or consult one. Certain color schemes can make your kitchen appear a lot larger than it is. With a blend of light and dark colors, you will get a kitchen that looks larger without actually being bigger.

6. Installing a pot rack:

This allows you to store pans below and pots above. A real space saver.

7. Mounted dish racks:

With a mounted dish rack your dishes will no longer have to take any space on the counter, this will free up a massive amount of space for anyone and everyone.

With so many ways to expand your kitchen space, you have the freedom to choose anything for your kitchen.

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