8 Bucket List Destinations You Need to Visit in Your Lifetime

If you’re like most people who have come down with a lifelong travel bug, the more places you travel, the more you want to travel— funny how that happens!

Your ever-growing list of destinations to see works in tandem with the cultures you want to experience, foods you want to try, and sights you want to take in. Though you won’t likely need any more wanderlust inspiration to hammer out your destination bucket list, make sure these 8 amazing cities and sights are on there.

1. Santorini, Greece


Why we love it: Made up of a group of neighboring islands—Thíra, Thirassiá, Asproníssi, Palea, and Nea Kaméni—Santorini is famous for its white and blue-roofed buildings, gorgeous sunsets, and unbelievably blue waters. Make sure to bring plenty of sunscreens and a swimsuit when you travel to this Greek island destination.

Where to stay: Myst Boutique Hotel Santorini

What to eat: Moussaka and Tomato Gefthedes

2. Venice, Italy


Why we love it: Few things in the world compare to the ancient aquatic charm of the Italian city of Venice. Famed for its lagoon, canals, Aperol Spritz, carnival, and extraordinary history, Venice is a staple destination on any travel bucket list.

Where to stay: Hotel Carlton On the Grand Canal

What to eat: Buranelli and Baccalà Mantecato

3. Havana, Cuba


Why we love it: Cuba’s capital city has been long adored for its colorful cityscapes and eclectic culture. From brightly colored buildings to gorgeously preserved vintage cars, there’s plenty to love about this Caribbean hub. Take in all of the warm charms of the Cuban people as you immerse yourself in heaps of history, art, and of course, rum.

Where to stay: Hotel Meliá Cohíba

What to eat: Chiviricos and Fricasse de Carnero

4. Hong Kong, China


Why we love it: Offering up some of the most jaw-dropping city skylines and the most eclectic cuisines in the world, Hong Kong is a grossly underrated destination city. Home to incredibly lush recreational parks, beautiful mountain views, and a dynamic cultural scene, you’re bound to fall in love with Hong Kong the moment you arrive.

Where to stay: The Peninsula Hong Kong

What to eat: Dim Sum and Sweet and Sour Pork

5. Machu Picchu, Peru


Why we love it: Magical doesn’t even begin to describe the wonder that is Machu Picchu. Perched atop a mountaintop within the Andes, the remains of an ancient civilization remain outstanding and intact. Do come prepared with a good pair of walking shoes for women or men to ensure you can comfortably scale the expanse of this incredible city of ruin.

Where to stay: Casa del Sol Machupicchu

What to eat: Ceviche and Cuy

6. Maui, Hawaii


Why we love it: Break out your swimsuit and sunglasses while trekking the exquisite island of Maui. Home to the perfect balance of beautiful blue beaches, lush green valleys, and astounding volcanic landscapes, the Maui experience is parallel to none. Whether you decide to go snorkeling at Molokini Island or hike La Perouse Hoapili Trail, you’ll fall in love with everything Maui has to offer.

Where to stay: Aston Maui Kaanapali Villas

What to eat: Spam and Loco Moco

7. Grand Canyon, Arizona


Why we love it: Located in northwestern Arizona, the Grand Canyon is America’s 15th oldest national park. Breath-taking visuals spanning from Havasu Falls and North Rim to the Canyon Floor and beyond, all lovers of the outdoors are in for a jaw-dropping experience when they enter the Grand Canyon. Whether you’re into camping, photography, or biking, you can create your perfect adventure when you’re amidst this Arizonan wonder.

Where to stay: Grand Canyon Lodge – North Rim

What to eat: Sonoran-style Eggs and Pork Loin Chili

8. Reykjavík, Iceland


Why we love it: If there’s one thing Iceland is known for, it has to be the mystical landscapes. Step into an ice-capped world of amazement. From the stunning natural beauty to the vast ice fields waiting for your exploration, the city of Reykjavík is home to an unbelievable art, nightlife, and food scene.

Where to stay: Reykjavík Lights by Keahotels

What to eat: Pylsur and Fermented Shark

What countries and cities are next on your bucket list? Spread your wanderlust in the comment section below!

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