8 Countertop Colors For 2022 You should Consider For Your Kitchen Remodel

Countertop: As the surface of any kitchen, countertops should have the best colors possible. Read this article to know the colors and styles that are trending…

Countertops make up a huge portion of any kitchen’s visual appearance, so the choice of material and color shouldn’t be taken lightly. This is especially the case for people putting their homes up for sale, as outdated and stained countertops can turn buyers off. But it also applies to people just wanting to update their kitchen.

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Regardless of the material you choose, it won’t matter if the countertop’s color doesn’t match the entire room. Also, each color has its respective effects on the kitchen and even anyone using it. Consider these eight hues the next time you embark on an extensive remodeling project:

    1. White

You can’t go wrong with a neutral color like white (though, technically, it’s a shade rather than a color). Neutrals tend to go well with just about any color in the spectrum, including the neutrals themselves. An all-white kitchen also appears clean, bright, and spacious. (1)

Among many remodelers like MacLaren Kitchen and Bath and others, white is a classic choice. There are plenty of ways to incorporate white, from all-white to subtle hints of other colors. (1)

    2. Black

Black works for the same reason white does: it’s also a neutral color (again, it’s technically a shade). However, black doesn’t brighten up the kitchen as much as white does. If white is all colors combined, black is the absence of them.

That doesn’t mean it’s not a good choice for a countertop. Having a black countertop on white cabinetry and walls allows the kitchen to enjoy the best of both worlds. The dark hue adds some sophistication to the overall style, while white keeps the kitchen bright.

    3. Wood

Nothing can beat the natural look and feel of a wood countertop, although it may not be a good choice right now. There’s an ongoing shortage of lumber in the U.S., and its trade dispute with Canada isn’t making the situation any better. Long story short: wood is pricey. (2)

The good news is that other countertop materials can replicate the natural appearance of wood, namely stone ones. Unlike wood, these materials enjoy the added benefit of superior durability.

    4. Mid-tones

Mid-tones lie in the middle ground of two colors. With their position, mid-tones strike an ideal balance between extremes—light and dark, dull and exciting. It makes everyone feel safe in the kitchen without being too suffocating. (3)

Being the mid-tone between black and white, gray is perhaps the most neutral color. As such, it will go well with light and dark hues in the kitchen. There’s something about a gray countertop smack dab between black cabinets and a white wall. (4)

    5. Pastels

Kitchens of the mid-20th century featured many bright colors, moving away from the bold ones that defined the past decades. From the cabinetry to the flooring, candy-colored pastels, like pink and yellow, were all the rage. (5)

While most kitchens today have gone minimalist, there’s still room for retro design choices, such as yellow countertops. It’s a good way to revive the sense of belonging among family members during the era.

    6. Swirl

For the record, ‘swirl’ isn’t an actual color, but many homeowners stand by the artistic flair they add to countertops. It portrays the look of a flowing current or waterfall, perfect for countertops that extend down to the floor.

Neutral hues are the most preferred choice for swirl designs. Granite and stone-based countertops are ideal canvases because the pattern comes to them naturally. You can check out videos such as to get an idea of how they’re are made.

    7. Calacatta and Carrara

Originating in Italy, these two marble patterns feature artistic veining, the only difference being the manner. Calacatta patterns have more tint of grey in their veins but are softer, while Carrara patterns have a bolder look.

Each of the two has sub-patterns that have slight tones, one example being Calacatta gold. As imported materials, however, these countertops can cost you a pretty penny.

    8. Glass Jewels

Recycled glass countertops are a relatively new fad, adding crushed glass fragments into a resin or cement-based solution. The result is a countertop that covers a wide range of jewel tones to exhibit a specific hue. Of course, as recycled glass is used, having one helps reduce one’s carbon footprint.


From solid colors to artistic patterns, there’s no single best way to add style to countertops. It all boils down to how you want your kitchen to appear every time you enter it. The possibilities are endless, so no need to fret about running out of ideas.


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