8 Effective Design Ideas To Create Promotional Mugs


Custom printed mugs are back in fashion. They are being used as one of the best promotional giveaways, especially in large corporations. There is nothing better than a souvenir in the form of a customized mug that can be placed on your office desk for the rest of your work tenure. ‘Another significant advantage is, it can create a sense of branding when customers look at it while you take your coffee break or a hot cup of cocoa on a cold day.

Let’s now look at some of the effective design ideas to create adorable promotional mugs that people will immediately fall in love with.

Select a Mug That Stands Out

Think of your favorite mug. What color does it have? Has it anything cute written on the side? Does it have a handle that fits perfectly in your hand? How many years has it been since you have held it? While designing custom mugs, please select one that is exclusive in its look. This way, it will create a bigger impression. Once you have chosen an exclusive mug, add your own unique design to it.

Design a Scintillating Custom Print for Your Mug

Always consider the size, shape, and color of your custom coffee mugs while you create your design. You can even crowdsource your design by getting in touch with a reputed company providing cheap printing services in Singapore. This way, you can rest assured to get scintillating designs. You don’t need to use your stand logo on your custom coffee mugs. As a start, ask the company to suggest some suitable design variants for printing.

Select a Larger Mug for Custom Design

Larger mugs are quite popular as you can easily stir milk and sugar without spilling. They can fit in your hands comfortably, and you can have more of your favorite drink.

Restrict Colors to Minimize the Expenses

Try and minimize the number of colors that you use on the mug. If you are worried it will not look great, don’t worry that won’t happen for sure. Use exclusive fonts and line art designs. Even hand-drawn designs look quite beautiful in a single color.

Create Funny Slogans on Your Mug

You cannot please everyone. A silly joke or two will not put you at risk. Put on some dorky jokes to make your coffee mug look appealing.

Create Artistic Designs on Your Mug

Hire a company that can put in some artwork to make your mug look customized.

Design Your Very Own Travel Mugs

Everyone looks to carry travel mugs around while they are touring a foreign destination. How wonderful it would be to have a coffee mug made up of porcelain that can be carried around comfortably on a road trip or the office. So, get it designed today from a reputed company specializing in mug printing Singapore.

Brand Your Mug

Your organization has a brand that is displayed through your website. Why not depict it on your mug? It is your best chance to show your creativity and make the mug design look memorable.

Final Thoughts

We know quite a few people who would not like to put on their organization’s logo on their shirt but would be more than happy to get a branded coffee cup instead. These customized promotional mug ideas are specifically for them.

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