8 Points to Consider When Trading Bitcoin

8 Points to Consider When Trading Bitcoin

Trading Bitcoin: is the short term buying and selling of bitcoin, according to price movements. Usually, traders would speculate and only initiate purchases when the price graphs rise in order to make profits.

This is different from bitcoin investment, in which people buy and hold the bitcoin for longer until the prices rise. Therefore, as an investor interested in bitcoin trading, there are various to consider before making a move. These factors are based on the investor’s financial goals, and for how long the bitcoin is to be held before being sold.

Trading Bitcoin


Furthermore, there are other external factors, especially related to the bitcoin market volatility. This article discusses 8 points that should be considered by investors while trading in bitcoin.

1. Each Trade Should Be Purposed

Trading in bitcoins should be guided by a clear purpose in each purchase. Due to the volatility of the trade, winning is always not guaranteed. Therefore, each purchase has to be preceded by a sound consideration, the reason for trading, and for how long. This applies to both day traders as well scalpers. Furthermore, making careless mistakes that are somehow avoidable means losing money to other people in the trade. Have a look at this post instant loan for a quick guide.

2. Have Clear Financial Goals

The goals have to be guided by the profits expected from the trade, which are not always guaranteed. Clear financial goals are a roadmap that tells when to initiate purchases, and when not to. Also, with such clarity, it is easier to accept market outcomes. Apart from having the goals, patience is vital in this trade. Some goals need time to be realized. The ups and downs of bitcoin prices require patience in realizing personal financial goals.

3. Risk Management

Bitcoin trading is characterized by risk taking. To avoid unwanted losses, it is good to consider investing in less risky trades. For instance, going after large profits means investing more. In this case, there is a higher risk of losing much money, as compared to investing in low profit trades. The small profits are accumulated over time, and become useful according to one’s financial goals.

4. Benefits and Demerits

In any business, people usually consider the benefits, as well as the downfalls before investing. The same applies to bitcoin trading. This trade is advantageous in several ways. First, there are numerous opportunities for day traders to make massive profits. Furthermore, the are high possibilities of finding buyers and sellers of the coin, due to the existence of large trading volumes. However, despite the various advantages, bitcoin trading has its downfalls. The volatility of the system means that prices keep changing. Winning is not guaranteed, and it requires much time to analyze the market trends, especially for day traders. Also, it is not easy to make massive profits, which require huge investments. However, for beginners, this is usually a turn off, due to the risks involved.

5. Leveraging

A bitcoin trader should manage the leverage to strike a balance between gains and losses. Investment capital is easily mismanaged when leverage is not adequately regulated. In contrast, too little leverage results to underperformance in the trade. Leveraging enables investors to magnify profits, especially day traders. Furthermore, the use of leverage is most suitable when it comes to volatile markets. With regard to bitcoin trading, in which prices keep fluctuating, traders using leverage are able to benefit from the rising as well as falling markets.

6. Emotional Discipline

Bitcoin trading graph is characterized by crests and troughs. This means that as an investor trading in bitcoin, one should be emotionally detached from the outcomes. Winning is not the norm in this business. Furthermore, many traders end up making avoidable mistakes, such as over trading and blowing up accounts. An emotionally disciplined trader knows when to initiate purchases, does not make impulsive trading, and remains calm throughout that period while waiting for the outcome. Another set of emotions most common with traders is fear and greed. Fear is reflected in people that are afraid of trading, mainly because they are unsure of the outcome. This potentially locks away the opportunity to rake in possibly massive profits.

In contrast, fear may lead people into over trading. This results in a hasty decision made after wrongly predicting price movements. Driven by greed, people usually chase after large profits and stick onto a position that is well beyond their target.

7. Improve On Your Analysis Ability

Apart from being independent of the influence of central banks and governments, bitcoin markets are highly speculative. The prices of the coins are unpredictable, which requires a close analysis by investors. An analysis is necessary before initiating purchases, especially for day traders that buy and sell in the short term. Analyzing the price graphs enables an investor to predict the future value of the bitcoin, apart from speculating on the probable profits. Also, it puts the investor in a better position to predict when the prices are going to decline and stay off to avoid huge losses.

8. Do Not Be Persuaded

Bitcoin trading is a field with many individuals as well as companies. Everyone is out to make profits from this business. They advertise their coins on social media to everyone in order to win many people. By doing this, the price of their coins may rise, but later on, come crushing. Therefore, while considering trading in bitcoin, it is important to conduct personal research on the market trends and possible risks involved before making a move.

The Bottom Line

As discussed in this article, bitcoin trading involves buying and selling of bitcoins, according to price movements. It is a trade that is highly volatile, in which prices are unpredictable. This means it involves risk taking. However, the factors discussed are useful to potential investors as well as bitcoin traders. Their consideration enables traders to understand the operation of bitcoin business, the risks involved, and whether to opt for short term or long term trading. Emotional discipline is key in this trade, in which investors are encouraged patience and staying calm throughout the trading period. Apart from being risky with the possibility of enormous losses, bitcoin traders stand a chance of making massive profits from this digital business.

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