8 Steps to Clear Disk Space on Mac

 Having to deal with a slow Mac is a disappointing situation. Mostly because when you purchase a Mac, you expect it to be fast, efficient, and even help you with your productivity because it’s challenging to find ways to be productive when you have a slow computer.


Most Macs that become slow are the old ones, usually because people do not take proper care of them and let their computers clutter up. Eventually, these Mac users end up with low disk space. It can also happen to new Mac users who recently upgraded from using a Windows computer and have a habit of hoarding media and other files.

To help you avoid or solve a full disk space issue, we will share eight practical steps to help you clear disk space on your Mac. As a result of using these tips, you will have a faster and better-performing computer.

Step #1: Check Storage Space

First of all, it is smart to check how much storage space you have free and how much is taken up by all sorts of files. This will help you better understand how much storage space you need to free up and what type of files, for example, apps or photos, are taking most of Mac’s disk space. You’ll know which folders to focus on when deleting files.

First, click on the Apple icon in the upper left corner to check how much free disk space you still have. Now, choose the options About This Mac and when a menu window appears, click on the Storage tab. After waiting a minute or so, you will be able to see detailed info about storage space on your computer.

Step #2: Store in iCloud

Before focusing on deleting different types of files, click the Manage button on the same storage menu. It will show you four options that can help you free up more disk space. One of them is called Store in iCloud. It offers you to store your files in Apple’s cloud service.

This way, only the recent files will be kept on your Mac, and all the other ones will be stored in iCloud.

Step #3: Optimize Storage


Optimize Storage is the second option on the storage management menu that helps you save disk space by deleting tv shows and movies that you have already watched. Surely you delete these files by yourself once in a while, but you won’t have to worry about it this way.

Step #4: Empty Bin Automatically

The third option on storage management suggestions automatically deletes files from the Trash Bin after 30 days of their original deletion date.

It is a great solution for those who remember to declutter their Macs from files but forget to empty the Trash Bin that keeps storing the deleted files.

Step #5: Reduce Clutter

The last suggestion of storage management helps you go through all types of content like documents that are stored on your Mac and gets rid of it.

Step #6: Uninstall Unneeded Apps


Now that you have to go through the basics like checking how much free disk space you have and using Mac’s suggestions for storage management, it is time to start decluttering your computer to make even more free space. Your goal should be to have at least 15% of free disk space for your Mac to perform well.

Apps usually take quite a lot of space, especially if you like to download multiple apps now and them just to try them out. And there is no reason you shouldn’t enjoy yourself because the App Store really has some great apps for entertainment and productivity.

The bad thing is that many people forget to delete the apps they don’t need. So your first step to manual decluttering should be reviewing your apps and deleting the ones you do not use.

Step #7: Delete Duplicate Files

There are a couple of reasons why duplicate files can appear on your computer. One reason is when you download the same app again after some time, and the other one is when you update the app. 

It is difficult to locate these duplicate files, but you can always use specialized software for that. Even if it is a paid app, ask yourself if it will cost more to pay a few dollars for an app to free up more disk space or to purchase a new Mac?

Step #8: Go Through Your Photo Library


Depending on how often you like to take photos, there is a big chance that there are quite a lot of similar ones in the Photo Library on your Mac. If you are a user that doesn’t take too many photos, but you have been using your iPhone for years now and often take screenshots, you still have a lot of cleaning up to do here.

Also, if you are a user who often takes selfies, works as an Instagram influencer, or is the one who takes all family photos on celebrations, you will find a lot of photos that look exactly the same. Go through them and only keep a couple of similar ones.

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