9 Types Of Commercial And Industrial Rolling Shutters

Over the past few years, roller shutters have grown in popularity because of the benefits they offer homeowners and businesses. They add flair to a space and protect both buildings and people from extreme weather conditions.

Roller shutters are available in many different styles. But two primary types are commercial security shutters and residential shutters.

While residential shutters offer insulation and safety to a house, commercial shutters are aimed at enhancing the feel and security of a business or commercial marketplace.

Modern-day rolling shutters come with several add-ons, which makes their maintenance & functionality easier to manage. We would like to help you determine which type of shutters are best for your commercial space.

Here, we have put together a list of some of the best industrial and commercial rolling shutters.

Automatic And Manual Rolling Shutters

Manual shutters are a popular choice for commercial use because they are inexpensive. They also require very little maintenance. The only time and money will be spent on oiling these shutters to keep them opening and closing smoothly over time.

Automatic shutters, on the other hand, have a higher price point and more maintenance costs, but require much less manual labor to operate day-to-day. These shutters can also be powered by solar energy to cut down on operating costs.

However, buyers should allow plenty of time for installation. Unlike manual shutters, the automatic shutters require electrical wiring and specific alignment.

Built-On And Built-In Rolling Shutters

Built-in shutters, as the name suggests, are installed inside doors or windows.

Built-on rolling shutters are easy to install. Their rails and shutter boxes are evident on the structure as they’re installed on the surface.

Most of you might think the appeal of your commercial space will be reduced after installing these shutters. But modern-day built-on rolling shutters are designed specifically to add more charm regardless of their visibility.

Transparent And Aluminum Rolling Shutters

If you are looking for quality and stability, an aluminum rolling shutter is a wise choice. These shutters are lightweight and corrosion-resistant. These features make aluminum shutters the most popular option among commercial customers.

An aluminum rolling shutter is one of the best options, it is made up of an extruded aluminum section. These offer protection, reduce external noise and consume less energy.

Transparent rolling shutters have just started growing in popularity. This type of shutter offers visibility and decreases energy consumption. One advantage of these rolling shutters is they can be installed in both a commercial and residential setting.

Push And Pull Commercial Rolling Shutters

If you have a smaller commercial space, then a push and pull rolling shutter is the perfect option. They can be installed easily and require minimal maintenance.

This is one the most simple and basic types of rolling shutters. But they offer excellent protection in all kinds of weather conditions. Most often, they are installed in garages and retail shops to protect the interior space. 

Push and pull commercial rolling shutters, however, are available in a variety of sizes and provide complete protection.

Grilled Rolling Shutters

A grilled rolling shutter is installed in areas that require top-class protection and ventilation. These are perfect even when you want the option of being able to see outside.

These rolling shutters, as the name suggests, are grilled so that you are offered both ventilation and see-through vision.

To offer more strength and stability to the structure of this rolling shutter, additional stiffeners are added to its lower end.

Side Folding Commercial Rolling Shutters

Side folding rolling shutters are often used in hospitals, schools, churches and most commonly in malls and other retail spaces. They allow customers and visitors to look inside a space without having direct access. And when it comes time to open the doors, they can simply be slid along a track and tucked out of the way and out of sight.

Double-Wall Rolling Shutters

Looking for rolling shutters that are easy to use and work without making any noise? A double wall rolling shutter is what you need!

These shutters are equipped with automatic functions. With this type of shutters, you can rest assured that your commercial space is secured even when you’re not there.

These shutters are equipped with automatic functions, which means you can open and close them using a remote control. A double wall rolling shutter is made using polystyrene to provide acoustic and thermal insulation.

Overhead Garage Rolling Shutters

A commercial overhead garage rolling shutter is the perfect option for an auto garage and other spaces that require a forward and backward rolling shutter.

These rolling shutters are bigger in size and can be more durable. This feature is what makes it the most sought-after option, especially when your major concern is security.

These rolling shutters slide upwards and move into the roof area. This maximizes the available space when the shutter is opened. Also, these are extremely strong and long-lasting.

High-Speed Commercial Rolling Shutters

A high speed rolling shutter is just like the name suggests. These shutters offer excellent protection and are high speed.

These rolling shutters are available in two types – ultra-secure and ultra-fast. Both the high-speed rolling shutters are perfect for commercial spaces that face outside.

For instance, high-speed rolling shutters can help to control the access of your retail shop without affecting its foot traffic. You can also get these shutters customized based on your needs.

With their feature of opening or closing quickly, you will be amazed with the security offered by it.

Select The Best Shutters For Your Business Today

Rollac Shopguard Shutters can add value to any commercial space. After considering your primary needs, look at the functionality, cost, and value of each of these types of shutters to make the best selection for enhancing and securing your business.  

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