A Basic Guide to Present Day Wireless Networks


A wireless network refers to a type
of computer network that uses radio waves to transmit messages between various
systems or machines within the network. The word ‘wireless’ in the term
suggests that it does not involve the use of cables to connect various systems
thereby enabling organizations to save the cost of laying down the cables.

These days, the use of wireless
networks has become an integral part of communication. Sending data (voice or
text) through mobile phones, laptops, fax, and other portable electronic
equipment is all possible with a wireless network. From any part of the world,
one can easily remain connected to their homes and offices. In other words,
they have given rise to easy portability at a very low cost.

They are of great use in rescue
operations where landline cables have been destroyed due to catastrophe. Only
mobile phones and computers can be used to transmit messages necessary for
coordinating the operation tasks. 

of Wireless Networks


There are mainly four types of
wireless networks that are categorized based on the size of the network, the
data transmission range, and the speed of data transfer between the systems.

  • Wireless Personal Area Network
    (Wireless PAN):

    It refers to a network that interconnects devices within a very short range
    usually around 10 meters. It normally refers to an individual’s personal
    workspace consisting of his personal devices like laptop and mobile. For
    example, a Bluetooth radio can connect a headphone to a laptop within the

  • Wireless Local Area Network
    (Wireless LAN):

    It is extensively used to connect systems in workplaces to facilitate data
    sharing and resource sharing among them. For example, a scanner and a printer
    can be commonly used by all workstations within a LAN network.

  • Wireless Metropolitan Area Network
    (Wireless MAN):

    It refers to a network that connects a number of wireless LAN networks within a
    geographical boundary usually ranging a few kilometers. A MAN network works at
    high speed and facilitates data exchange by using routers to transmit data from
    the sender to the receiver. For instance, a group of workplaces within an area
    can be connected using the network.

  • Wireless Wide Area Network (Wireless
    : It is a type of network that has a
    very vast range like a country or a continent. 
    For instance, Internet is based on a WAN network. It is used to send
    data across the world. The network contains cables and packet switching nodes
    that support data transmission.

Your Wireless Network and Technologies

When we talk about wireless
networks, it is of utmost importance to secure the network connection because
the world of internet today has given birth to many hackers and cyber
criminals. Furthermore, the malicious activities and virtual viruses always
pose a threat to your system and all the important data stored in your computer
or laptop. Here are some of the measures that can help securing your network

  • The first thing you need to take
    care is your important financial and personal data. You can use wireless
    sniffing tools to obtain all sensitive information while accessing the net in
    public places. In such places secure encryption is not available and hence you
    should follow a comprehensive policy for securing your network.
  • At time wireless networking cards
    can create ad hoc networks and this can prove to be a big concern when it comes
    to network security. Any attacker can easily use the settings and configuration
    to gain unauthorized access to all your sensitive information. Ad hoc networks
    are an easy opportunity for hackers and cyber criminals to commit a cyber
    crime. Hence, it is on you, how you put your information to public and how
    strongly you can hold it in a secured environment.
  • Make sure that you not share any
    sensitive file over internet access when you are using a public network. You
    disable all file sharing in turn will help block unauthorized computer access. With
    the feature that disables file sharing, no one will ever be able to hack your
    important files irrespective of the network you are using.
  • Then the other way is to connect
    your system using a Virtual Private Network (
    VPN). These days Turbo VPN is one of
    the most popular ones existing in the world of internet with the key function
    to secure network connection. This works on the concept of secure encryption
    that caters to encrypting all the sending and receiving files within a specific
    network and this in turn works strongly to protect and safeguard your sensitive
    information. This way you are not only able to secure your data but you are
    also safe while doing online banking and online shopping. If you want to have
    access to this private network, there are many
    ways to download turbo VPN on a PC.
  • Do keep a strict watch on whatever
    you do online depending on which network are using. Whether it is public
    access, office network, or home network, you should undergo all your activities
    safely and securely. Each and every action that you take, each and every
    activity that you perform when online, there should be a stern watch.

The present day wireless network has
much to offer. However, it is purely on you how you come along and
how securely you use your
network connection
From surfing information to seek emergency help, wireless network has given a
whole new meaning to each and every aspect of your livelihood.

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