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In 2014, a Polish Crypto Exchange, known as BitBay was launched by Sylwester Suszek. In Amsterdam, there are few branches of BitBay but its head office is in Poland. The main motive behind the launch of BitBay was to provide a safe platform for trading cryptocurrencies to Polish traders. Additionally, it provides the feature of paying bills with Bitcoin through SMS to its users.

Understanding BitBay

BitBay is an online cryptocurrency trading platform that provides you with enhanced trading tools, quick payments, and withdrawals, in addition to secured transactions. BitBay is among several exchanges which enable you to exchange Polish Zloty (PLN) and customers can withdraw PLN with their cryptocurrency from Polish ATMs. If you want a comfortable platform where you can learn how to trade more efficiently, use the https://quantum-code.app/.

BitBay accepts EUR and USD on top of PLN, and also supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, Lisk, and Litecoin, providing you with lots of choices with your currency transactions. BitBay seems to be on the smaller end, having a market cap of under USD 500,000, according to CoinMarketCap.com. Bitcoin exchanges are rare and that’s why their reputation and history are less famous and they are not as simple to hack.

BitBay additionally provides a no-cost account opening assistance that doesn’t need any extra documents, apart from the receipt of your federal ID. BitBay credit cards are available for Polish users that wish to purchase such things as food at cafes using cryptocurrency. Additionally, they offer features for purchasing Bitcoins as well as paying bills on the mobile.

The site of Bitbay is quite appealing and extremely simple to use. It is a brighter site with many capabilities, therefore the interface is usually somewhat more complex compared to some other Bitcoin exchanges. Not just that, however, your bandwidth is going to be limited because the website loads additional web pages. Nonetheless, this shouldn’t be an issue for many users.

Features of BitBay

The Polish Bitcoin Exchange provides a lot of the same assertions as various other cryptocurrency exchanges. They boast about quick money transfers and withdrawals, great customer support, safe transactions, and improved trading tools. Let us take a look at a few of the trading platform’s primary attributes:

Withdrawals and Deposits

BitBay can make it simple so that you can make payments in your account using bank transfer, credit card payments, or maybe wire transfer, at the Polish post office and the Zabka Freshmarket grocery store chain. Money will likely be credited to profiles of owners every 30 minutes during regular Polish working hours. Persons can make use of ATM withdrawals or fast transfer programs for withdrawals.

Affiliate Program

You can make the most of an excellent affiliate marketing program provided by BitBay, where you are going to receive 20% of the total quantity of the product sales generated by each individual that makes use of your affiliate marketing link to sign up.

Advanced Trading Tools

BitBay has expert charts, great browser-wedge UI, mobile contributions as well as the capacity to incorporate software programs like Bitcoin Ticker, Bitcoin Checker, TabTrader as well as Bitcoin Widget.

Closing Thoughts

BitBay is a cryptocurrency exchange with overseas ambitions, situated in Poland. It allows you to trade in PLN, EUR, and USD together with cryptocurrencies including LTC, ETH, LSK, and BTC. When using BitBay, Polish customers appreciate many advantages – such as one of the several companies in which you can withdraw PLN from ATMs making use of your cryptographical amounts.

BitBay is, generally, a great option as well as it’s very widely used amongst Polish cryptocurrency users. It does, nevertheless, have higher charges compared to other currency exchanges. A few of the services will be likewise restricted to the citizens of Poland, which restricts its reputation worldwide.

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