A Quick Wedding To-Do List to Follow 3-5 Months Before

The question is popped, the rings are exchanged, and the stars suddenly start shining brighter than expected. Well, these are all that happen after couples complete their engagement. But, this is also where things start becoming overwhelming gradually. As the engagement is completed, the next big thing is marriage. And before that, there are thousands of odd errands to run and arrange. That might feel like a lot unless you follow a wedding to do list.

Giving yourself time (plenty of it) to sort and plan the whole process to jot it down in a structural manner can make wedding planning easier. The job becomes much more fun and less stressful. Couples need to play as a team and break down the year into months. Starting to plan in bite-sized pieces will make the planning process less overwhelming.

This article will be helpful to couples who are about to get married in the next three to five months. Here are some of the crucial things to include in the to-do list:

Wedding Invitation Selection – Step #1

A wedding invitation has always been a traditional thing where everything from the color of the invitation to its design and content is decided. It depends on how subtle the couple wants to keep the invitation by mentioning the information clearly.

A great alternative is to opt for eCards. It is a fantastic and money-saving idea to send invitations digitally. Sending invitations digitally also has a perk of its own, i.e., couples can add any attachment they want or make the design fancy without considering the expenses.

Arrange Transportation for Guests (optional) – Step #2

In this matter, the venue of the marriage needs to be considered. Think of the venue’s parking space, distance from the nearest railway station, airport, or even the main road. Now, consider how many public transportation options will be accessible to the guests.

If the guests will be from different corners of the city or adjacent cities, making arrangements for them to reach the venue will be a decent gesture. Or, you can ask them to meet at a common spot from where they will be ferried to the venue.

Decide Entertainment Options – Step #3

Weddings are incomplete when the venue’s ambiance is quiet and silent. Couples must plan three to four months before about what kind of music and entertainment they want to have in the venue. Frankly, there won’t be a better time than this to book you and your fiance’s favorite city rock band.

Besides booking a music band, other probable options are booking stand-up comedians, professional dancers, instrument players, and so much more. Depending on the budget, you can make way for all sorts of entertainment for the guests.

Final Thoughts

Another thing that must be added to the wedding to do list is deciding on the honeymoon.

Traditionally, as far as marriage etiquette goes, the groom does the surprise booking for the bride. But, things have changed, and the couple is playing as a team to arrange the whole wedding.

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