Accessories to transform your bedroom

Bedroom: Here are five tips to help brighten and cosy up your bedroom. Do you dream of one of those perfectly accessorised spaces, but don’t know how to start?

Do you dream of one of those perfectly accessorised spaces, but don’t know how to start? Here are five tips to help brighten and cosy up your bedroom.

Plants, plants, and more plants!

You can never have too many houseplants, just ask anyone on TikTok. Plants are not only great to look at – they also improve the air quality, and therefore your sleep. There are plenty of low maintenance options, but make sure you choose something that is suited to the light conditions in your space, and remember to add drainage to the pots you put them in.

Lavender, for example, is a great choice. The scent is wonderfully relaxing, proven to help you drift off into calm bliss… and they look great too! You also can’t go wrong with aloe vera or a snake plant, both which release plenty of oxygen and are relatively low maintenance. If you really don’t have time to care for plants – consider good quality artificial ones. Greenery is key to brightening a space, no matter what form it takes!

Lamps & light

Whether you’re a fan of reading in the evening or falling asleep as soon as you hit the bed, no bedside should be without a good lamp. Matching, wall-mounted lamps are great options, as they not only look sophisticated, but also save bedside space. Everyone can find a lamp suited to them – and you can even get entire wall features that serve as lights, or beautiful rattan floor lamps. Let your imagination run wild! It’s also worth considering intelligent lighting, with dimmers. Always make sure the bulb is in a golden tone, to create a really relaxing space.


A bedroom is nothing without the right bedding. Make sure it matches, and is a luxurious as possible! You can opt for monochrome elegance, or colourful patterns that, when combined with simple furniture, create an interesting contrast.

However, bed linen is far from just decorative – it has to be practical, too. It’s a good idea to choose it well, according to your needs. During hot summer days, cool satin bed linen will come in handy, while in winter you will appreciate the warming properties of microfleece. Duvets should be nice and plump in winter, but cool cotton blankets will suffice on warmer nights.


Stepping on a cold floor right after waking up is not pleasant. A rug will protect you from that first shock of the morning and make your bedroom cosy at the same time. Soft, heavy pile rugs are particularly suitable for the bedroom, and a treat for bare feet. It’s entirely up to you what design you choose, just remember to match the rugs to the colour of the walls and other accessories.

Photos and images

Bare walls really don’t do a bedroom any favours. Even a single picture can do real wonders. If you’re not an avid art collector, a photo printed in a larger format can do the same job. Try hanging decorative baskets, or creating a collage wall with all your favourite snaps! Hit Pinterest for inspiration, and channel your inner artist to create a space that feels personal, as well as stylish. Just remember to rein it in – a bedroom with cluttered, mis-matched walls is never a good place to relax!

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