Features Of The ACU Digital Bivy Cover Review


When you are on the mountain or a hiking trip, you may need to stay at night there. You may set up a tent, but this one is a little bit bulky option for you to move around. You can use a bivy sack as an alternative. A bivy sack is lightweight and also protects you from wind, bugs, and dirt. You feel the gentle breeze on your face, look at millions of stars, and wake up with a marvelous view in the morning. If you are still feeling the necessity of having a bivy sack, you need to choose the best bivy sack to meet your demands. But having the right one is a pretty daunting task because different types of bivy sacks are available on the market today. So, we’ve provided a review of one of the best bivy sacks so that it can simplify your finding job, and you can easily make the right decision.

Review of ACU Digital Bivy Cover

The ACU Digital Bivy Cover is the construction of flexible and waterproof materials. This bivy sack protects you from rain, wind, and snow in every weather condition. If you use the bivy sack, it doesn’t provide you condensation like many other tents. Besides, this bivy sack comes with some other features. So, let’s check them in the following.

Camouflage Design

ACU Digital Bivy Cover comes with high-quality materials with a distinct design. It provides a quite different camouflage design from the common olive drab camouflage patterns. The camo is superb and works well with just about any terrain. Also, this 80 inches long and 30 inches wide bivy sack covers patrol and intermediate cold weather sleeping bags, including you at night.

2-Way Zipper

This bivy sack provides proper ventilation with its 2-way zipper. It is a non-locking slider so that you can repair yourself if snagged. It also functions well with the added velcro on the hood. When you are feeling muggy and uncomfortable, you can keep it open up for coming gentle breeze.

Waterproof and Windproof

A bivy sack must be waterproof and windproof to protect the user from any unwanted situation. That’s why this bivy sack consists of the fully waterproof and windproof outer layer to keep you dry in the rain and a lot warmer during heavy wind. There are also no condensation issues in this item. Most importantly, this one is a non-flammable sack to avoid unwanted incidents when you are into it.


This bivy sack is lightweight and packs down surprisingly small. You can fit your winter sleeping bag, and winter sleeping mat inside it with great comfort. Besides, it delivers a few degrees of insulation to your sleeping system so that you can sleep pretty well. If you want to wash it, you can do that in both ways, including in your hands or a washing machine.


•    Comes with digital camouflage design •    Non-flammable •    Ensures 100% waterproof and windproof •    Provides both top and bottom ventilation •    Machine washable


•    It might be a little bit expensive


In short, this bivy sack offers a lot of benefits that a mountaineer or hiker wants to have. You can use it to protect you and your sleeping bag altogether. With these advantages in mind, you can pick the bivy sack. And finally, we think that it may be a suitable option for you.
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