Advantages of Online Proctoring in Higher Education

The truth is that distance learning within the context of higher education is rapidly expanding. This means that there has been a greater increase in the requirement of having more online proctors available during the time that students are taking their various exams. Therefore, this article will focus on the advantages of online proctoring.


Live interaction online

It is realized that remote proctoring can be done live. When the session is live online, the student is responsible for scheduling the examination session when he or she will take the examination. At the time of the examination, the student will be monitored by a proctor during a live session online once the student is logged in to complete the designated examination.

It is considered a normal process for the proctor to request the students to perform a scan of the area where they are while they are taking their examination. This is done by using a webcam. The next requirement will be for the students to perform the scanning of their ID, so that they can be verified.

The proctor is able to view the students as well as hear the students during the session. The proctor is the one who is responsible for dealing with any violations of rules that have been set forth. This can include the student glancing at books or this could also involve the usage of a calculator. The rules vary according to each organization naturally. The proctor makes a report in order to grant documentation of the violations of the rules, which is presented to the organization.

Review recordings

In some instances, a proctor may not like to be online during a live session. The proctor then has the opportunity to work in instances where there is the option of record and review proctoring.

In cases of record and review proctoring, the students will conduct their exam on their own time. They do not need to make an appointment and they are not under the observation of a live proctor. This may be more comfortable both for the students and the proctor if they do not like to be online live.

The student must record the full session of the time that he or she is taking the exam. But it is still less pressure perhaps than being watched by someone directly during the time that the student is taking the exam. This will also require a full scanning of the area with a web camera, along with a scanning of the ID of the student for verification purposes.

Once the recording is presented to the proctor, the proctor will review it to see if there may be any cases of potential cheating. The proctor will note those cases and then send a report to the organization.

Reduced cases of cheating

Remote proctoring can be very beneficial for educational institutions that offer classes online. This is due to the fact that the organizations can rely on proctors online to monitor the students as they take their exams or to review the recordings of the students having completed the exams.

The proctors can identify any issues where there may be cases of cheating. This helps to provide a greater reduction in the number of cases of cheating. Since students know they will be watched directly by a live proctor or that their recorded video will be reviewed by a proctor, the students are less likely to cheat during online examination sessions.


When an organization decides to engage in the usage of online proctoring, this can prove to be cost effective.This is due to the fact that in many cases, the organization does not have to pay for the proctor to be on location for full-time pay. The institution can have the proctor work on a call by call basis, such as when the students are ready to take their various examinations.

Online proctoring is also considered to be much more cost-effective for both the students and the proctor. This is due to the fact that there is no cost in physical travel to get to an examination location. Therefore, it is a great method for those who are on a tight budget.

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