AI And Customer Experience- All Set To Overtake Human-To-Human Conventional Interactions

AI and CX

Conventional Interactions 85% of customer interactions will be accomplished without a human by 2020, as suggested by a recently conducted Gartner study. AI has incredibly given a new meaning to the relationship between technology and its application by humans. Siri and Alexa have become almost redundant in every piece written on smart voice assistants or AI-driven voice assistants, and that itself is an example of how well versed we are with the open presence of this technology. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been around for a while but has never been this close to non-experts or regular users, it is safe to say that AI has become a household concept however latent or ignored it may be by common users or non-experts.

Customer experience is at the helm of any new technology being utilized by products or by merely an idea with viable economic prospects. Every investment made for the growth of AI, even though it is still in narrow stage, it is aimed at making the lives of the users simpler. Experts do believe that AI is set to offer re-imagined and more transparent customer experiences in order to transit into smoother trading process which are more personal. But, the big question is what’s influencing companies, big or small, to incorporate AI as an integral part of their customer relationship service?

Chatbots and Virtual Assistants- new age customer care

Chatbots and virtual assistants are two of the most integral ways how AI is reforming the customer service process. Where customer care executives fail to determine a customer’s long standing history with a product or the brand, AI on the other hand, has progressed enough to make it possible. AI is set to revolutionise the way customers are approached and dealt with- care, accuracy, transparency and no-hassles. Automation plays a huge role in achieving this.

Poncho, Facebook Messenger’s chatbot and top ranked on ChatBottle. In a bigger market share, Amazon’s rockstar- Alexa, holds over 70% of the current chatbot market.

Automation is the new road to be taken 

Productivity and efficiency gets raised manifold with voice process automation. Cognitive computing allows you to enter the customer’s mind. AI also helps in brining bots to troubleshoot customer queries for effective customer experience.

Personalising Customer Experience

Understanding customers’ buying behaviour allows marketers to drive better engagement with lesser risks involved. The smart prediction of customer behaviour and dynamic market situations help in customizing the plan while amplifying customer experience. AI models, however, utilise online behavioural signals and determine what’s best for customers in real-time. Personalisation is not limited however to just chatbots. AI also allows to optimize emails, do more effective advertisements through programmatic ads, broaden customer base with lookalike modelling of the demography likely to convert to new brands and by customising online retail shopping experience. Gartner has predicted that by the year 2020, digital companies will have their profits boosted by as much as 15% using AI to predict customer intent.

Dedicated Customer Support, Really

Customers and users seek ‘one-click’ services because nobody really has the time for elaborates processes. One-touch isn’t always single touch per se but it refers to quick service with less manual work. Accessibility is an essential part of the services. AI promises to make a long-term customer support possible by chatbots and emailers to begin with. They give instant response to queries and are responsive round-the-clock. Humans appreciate those who are always around to have their back. Chatbots give personalised human interactions. The technology is capable of eliminating human errors made during customer service.

Polite conversations are possible without any heated arguments, which is the case sometimes with human interaction.

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Good customer experience is essential to retain customers. However, understanding customer behaviour through their history was the challenge and AI-driven solutions make this possible, make this happen.

This is mere introduction to how technology is put to test vis. a vis. its users’ experiences and this is just the beginning. AI experts across the world are constantly developing the technology while maintaining the sanity of human intelligence and offer more with proper training. AI is still young and has a foreseeable bright future within the native stage itself. Come to think of how customers can have a great time engaging with AI and avoid clutter-free experience in their busy lives being customers.

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