Top 7 List Of New Alexa Features

Every day a new user gets added in the long list of Alexa’s admirers. More and more people are starting to use Alexa for their day to day life activities like setting a reminder, making a to-do list, switching on and off the lights of the room, etc. Alexa has proven to be one of the most popular virtual assistants and Amazon keeps on adding more features up Alexa’s sleeve every now and then.

To enjoy and know about the benefits of all the new Alexa features, keep reading.

1. Alexa In Celebrity Voices

Soon, Alexa is going to greet you in your favorite Celebrity’s voice. The voices are said to be partially generated from the limited recordings.

Will this feature be a success? Let’s just wait and watch. It is believed that by the end of this year the celebrity voice feature will be available for use.

2. ‘Alexa Tell Me What Did You Hear?’

As basic as it may seem, this feature is going to be really helpful. You can use it to check what did Alexa hears and ask her the reason why she responded in that particular way.

 For example, if some audiobook begins to play out of the blue, while you made a command for something else. You can ask ‘Alexa tell me what you heard’ and Alexa will elucidate why it performed that particular action.

3. Auto Delete The Voice Recordings 

After facing a number of privacy criticisms last year, Amazon has introduced this feature where the voice recordings can be chosen to be deleted every 3-18 months.

You can also command Alexa to ‘delete what I just said” or “Delete everything I’ve said today’ to delete the voice recording.

4. Detect Frustration

Though Alexa cannot sense emotion in the voice command, Amazon has come up with this unique feature where Alexa will be able to sense the frustration in your voice and will reply with an apology.

For instance, if you get frustrated when download Alexa App played the wrong song, Alexa will detect your frustration and will make an attempt to clarify and apologize.

5. Communication For Kids

Under this characteristic, kids can talk to contacts assigned safe by parents. They can also play certain games and enjoy other activities in their free time on echo shows.

6. Control Wifi Settings

If a user wants to manage certain settings related to their wifi network, they can use Alexa to control wifi access.

You can give commands like, ‘Alexa switch off the wifi on play station/tablet.’ And Alexa will do the work for you.

7. Cook Food With Alexa’s Help

Alexa will now be able to assist you in making scrumptious dishes with the help of food network collaboration. Users can access various food recipes and take cooking classes on Amazon echo show devices.

Make use of commands like, Alexa, show cooking classes from Bobby Flay,” “Alexa, how much time was I supposed to cook the chicken for?” and “Alexa, save this recipe.”

Now, that you know about these immensely helpful Alexa features, exercise them and enjoy the reaping benefits.

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