Amazing Facts You Must Know About Magic Mushroom Before Giving It a Try! 


The magic mushroom or as it is also called Psilocybin Mushroom belongs to the polyphyletic mushroom family. It is not just a common mushroom but there is a reason why it is called a magic mushroom. The consumption of magic mushrooms helps in overcoming depression, anxiety, and drug addiction. Magic mushrooms are used as recreational drugs in attaining peace and positivity. 

However, the magic mushroom is banned in many countries including India, still due to the positive effects of magic mushrooms on health many people around to world visit Kodaikanal, a small hill station in Tamil Nadu to have a lifetime experience of this magic mushroom.

The amazing part is that you can also get a magic mushroom at your doorstep, as many e-commerce sites are offering magic mushrooms online. Yes, you heard it right! Now, you can buy magic mushrooms online.

Hold on, before you go ahead adding magic mushroom to the cart, here are some of the amazing facts that you should know! 

Addiction to the magic mushroom 

If you consume too much of magic mushroom and get kind of addicted to it, it can affect your mental state. This magic mushroom releases chemicals that affect your physical and well as mental health.


Well, don’t be shocked if you see a black and white movie kind of flashback coming in front of your eyes, as it is one of the common after-effects of consuming magic mushroom. These effects are also combined with mood swings and paranoia. 

These effects are common if you have been consuming magic mushrooms for a long time. Even if you stop it, still you will continue facing these effects due to its regular consumption.

Finding magic mushroom! 

Well, it is very difficult to point out a finger and identify a magic mushroom. They are hard to identify and they can grow anywhere like a park and garden. So, you may never know even if it grows in front of your home. That is why there are huge chances of accidental consumption.

Magic mushroom does not require intentional planting. However there is one huge myth about magic mushrooms that they are poisonous as it is high on hallucinogenic effects, but if such is the cases then all the drugs are poisonous! 

 Helpful in treating disorders 

It is not just without a reason called a magic mushroom. It is indeed magical as it helps in treating various kinds of disorders like nicotine addiction, anxiety, depression, and obsessive-compulsive disorder among others. The magic mushroom has caught the attention of various researchers who are busy studying and experimenting on how magic mushrooms can be useful in various kinds of treatments.

Magic mushroom dissolves your ego

People consuming magic mushrooms daily have deep effects on their mind and they attain peace and also feel of the moment of expanded awareness. People are even reported to lose their senses for a while and dissolve their ego. There are also some long-lasting psychedelics effects. Overall, people have confessed to attain a feeling of calmness and a better connection with the world.

Magic mushroom and Christmas connection! 

Well, we all know that our favorite Santa travels all the way from the North Pole to disturb gifts to children all around the world.

 But do you know about Christmas and the magic mushroom connection? According to a famous myth Siberian Shamans used to distribute magic mushrooms in December to people around. He used to use chimneys due to the huge amount of snow in the doorway. That is how the Christmas tree with mushroom came in the picture.

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