Top Android Adventure Games to Download in 2022

After the boom in mobile phone technology and free data and internet service children have preferred online and offline video games to physical games. In this article, we will provide users with a list of new and safe Adventure Games that they can easily play online and offline for free.

People mostly think that online and offline games are not safer for their kids. But in reality, these games help their kids in multiple ways to increase their problem-solving skills, build eye-hand coordination, learn different languages, and do many more healthy activities for free.

 Mobile Adventure Games

Due to these online and offline video games, children have started to spend almost all their free time on these indoor games which are not good for their physical health. To overcome this problem parent, have to take make the balance between video games and outdoor activities.

So that their children’s also give enough time to outdoor activities which are also important for overall health conditions. If you are looking for more video games with healthy activities and problem-solving skills then you must try to explore different gaming websites on the internet.

What are Adventure Games?

These are normal games like other android games which help players to explore the new world by completing different puzzles, riddles and removing an obstacle in the game for free.

Players love these games because it helps them to explore a different fictional magical world that they have never seen in real life. If you want to explore magical places then you play adventures game on your device for free.

Apart from exploring new magical and other fiction places players also have the option to choose multiple characters which they have seen in different famous movies and series. It also allows users to play the game as animals and other living creatures too.

Like other android games, there is a huge collection of adventures game too on official app stores and third-party websites. In some games, players get objectionable content which is not good for certain age groups players.

Friendly saying it is not possible for the parent to review all video game content before allowing their children to play them. In some games, developers have also rated and mentioned this objectionable content.

But in most game developer doesn’t give players any information about such content. So, it is not easy for players to choose the best game with satisfaction content that why we have tried to mention top games for all new players in this article.

Top Android Adventure Games

If you are bored playing the same online and offline games on your device and searching for top android adventures games then you must try these below-mentioned games which we have curated from different websites with user’s reviews and ratings.

The Frostrune Game

This game is one of the most played and loved adventures games because in this game players get mixed traditional and modern game ideas. In this game, players have to solve the mystery of Norse magic and bizarre happenings by completing different puzzles and quests.

Important Features

  • Rich Story
  • Hand-Painted Art
  • Challenging Puzzles
  • Culturally & Historically Accurate
  • Available on all official app stores
  • Age rated more than 10

Life is Strange Game

This is one of the best adventure games based on five parts in which players have to rewind their past, future, and present by thinking in a different way. Players must have good learning skills to play this new adventure game.


  • Revolutionize Story
  • Multiple endings of the game
  • Hand-painted visuals
  • Distinct and Licensed indie soundtrack
  • Easily available on all app stores
  • Age rated more than 18

Truberbrook Game

It is the new and latest sci-fi adventure game where players have to solve thrilling mysteries to save the world from monsters. In this game, players have to the role of young American scientist; Hans Tannhauser who has the responsibility to save the world from different disasters.


  • Handmade miniature scenery
  • Game for teenagers more than 18
  • Multiple language support
  • 10 hours of super exciting gameplay
  • Option to download for free from all legal app stores

 Images of Mobile Adventure Games


Basically, it is a puzzle adventure game in which players have to play the role of a blind boy trying to protect a powerful egg while exploring the different magical world of mysterious rooms to awaken the Temple’s sleeping mechanisms.

Key Features

  • More than five hours of gameplay
  • Multiple game levels
  • Original soundtracks
  • Subtitles in multiple language’s
  • Age rated more than 10
  • Work on almost all Android and iOS devices
  • Easily available on all official app stores and third-party websites for free

Final Words,

In this article, we have tried to provide video game lovers with the best android adventure game which helps them spend their free time with health benefits for free. If you want to play the healthy and wealthy android game then try these games and also share them with more players so that more players will enjoy these top-rated games.

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